Monday, January 25, 2010

Gonzo Lawmakers - Day 2

Day 2

*Will the kids return?

* Susan and Nwandi are both in black. I hope nobody died!

*Chamber of Commerce's Eggs and Issues. That means lots of speeches. I hope they have the see through lectern again!

* We have see through! They really must get rid of this thing. One day, a pol is going to do what comes natural and scratch a place no one needs to know about.

* Lots of applause Perdue saying teachers should be the same as football coaches. Say that again in the fall and see what happens.

* Shockingly, the teachers union ain't happy. It's about merit pay but it's funny that it came right after the Guv said he wants to pay them more.

* The see through podium disturbs me to no end. I like to pretend politicians are just torsos and heads.

* Healthcare reform bad. Ooga ooga

* Oh lord, as if the see through podium wasn't bad enough, now they've put the Speaker and the Lite Guv in high chairs. Or maybe those are bar stools. Ralston looks awfully comfortable on his. Casey - not so much.

* Good lord Ralston is a BIG MAN.

* Casey on the other hand looks like a school boy caught doing something bad. And that's all I'm gonna say about that.

* More Healthcare reform. Ooga ooga.

*The Eggs and Issues curse continues. The tape machine just burped.

* Sonny needs a haircut. Hippie.

* Perdue says he's going speak on transportation then doesn't. The more things change...

* Second time tonight a pol has used the word "punt". This does not bode well.

* Perdue says he's willing to call a special session to ratify a water agreement with Alabama and Florida. How about a special session to declare war on those bastards! Activate the Chattahoochee Navy! Many the inner tubes!

* Casey says we need to look to the future. Whitney Houston tells me that means the children.

* Lawmaker flashback! Inauguration of JImmy Carter! In color! But not living color. I believe this was still in the days when NBC trademarked living color and everyone else was relegated to dead color. Sadly, for the Lawmaker gang, they were still stuck with black and white and were forced to rely on the kindness of strangers (the flacks over at the Cox Plantation) to produce the piece.

* And there's crazy dwarf Lester Maddox! He couldn't run for Governor again so he ran for Lt. Governor and won.

* There's some committee meeting but the audio is so bad I can't tell if they are talking about debit cards or debutante balls.

* Actual bills are being introduced today. More guns! It's all about guns this session.

* The cannibalistic tape machine is back. Mitch Seabaugh almost got eaten as he was telling us about the places we can and can't tote hot lead.

* One of the kids appears! It's Alan Freedman. He's apparently on the tax beat as we are talking about tax reform. Particularly property taxes and assessments. I need to research my archives. I think Alan was the kid who almost had a "BOOM GOES THE DYNAMITE"moment last year.

* Oh good lord. Tommie Williams (R-Land of Wilson Smith) is leading the Senate chamber in a rendition of happy birthday for Casey Cagle.

* News from around the state with Ricky Bevington. There's a child porn sweep going on. What? no weather report today? Radio people never know what to do with their hands when they are on the TV.

* Tomorrow is the State of State. Georgia Outdoors is next. Oh I wish I had recorded it. I miss Dave. But for now, that's a wrap!

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