Thursday, February 04, 2010

Gonzo Lawmakers - Day 10

Some have noted I have failed to link to the appropriate websites like I should.

To familiarize yourself with Lawmakers, please visit GPB.

Also, for good prep on the days goings on as well as video of Lawmakers, please visit Georgia Legislative Watch.

Now, on with the show!

Day 10

* There's our friend the orange juice squeezer

* Deadline to extend contract signing for teachers by one month passed.

* We're in the House so we are treated to the scowling clerks.

* This was actually to extend a bill passed last year for another three years.

* Interestingly, there was bi-partisan support and opposition to the bill. For something where both sides could have made political hay, the teacher lobby is just that strong, everyone seems to be arguing on principle. Of course, then the thing passes 164-1. What a bunch of hot air.

* First meeting of the House Transportation Committee. We should see some fireworks here!

* Valerie at Hogwarts

* Our first shot of Delta. Is that news, a commercial or "corporate underwriting"?

* We're reviewing SB200, passed last year, which restructured how transportation projects are approved.

* Can we get a better shot of this committee room? Once again all we have are the backs of heads. And it sounds like the committee members are speaking in a fish bowl.

* The usual shot of the downtown connector.

* Ultimately it's about money. Which nobody has. No kidding.

* WHOOPS! Susan corrects the teacher contract vote. It was actually 136-33. Still pretty overwhelming for so much hot air.

* The Legislators may consider 3000 bills in one session! Once again, 40 days is probably way too many.

* The Republicans put out their five point plan to grade bills. It's the same thing Speaker Richardson put forth a few years ago. His ghost still moves in the hallways.

* A little confusion about where we are going next. But it looks like its too the Senate. Good. They are always full of hijinks.

* A school chilluns bill to expand the term "textbook" to include digitial devices. Apple stock just went up a few more points.

* Sen. Steve Henson says there might be a problem if a child lives in a home that doesn't allow computers for religious reasons! Are their Amish in Tucker?

* Now, we get sound about that Republican score card thing. The gremlins are back. I'm getting whiplash trying to track the stories tonight.

* All Anti-freeze must have an additive to make it taste bitter. Otherwise the animals, the chilluns and the huffers might be overcome with the desire to drink the sweet purple passion.

* Susan says those that opposed the bill simply oppose mandates on businesses, not opposed to human safety. Well that's a relief.

* Bully bill in committee. And there's every young Democrat's favorite Republican! Mike Jacobs (R-Turncoats R Us). Three strikes and you're sent to an alternative school.

* Some Morgan County mother is giving a recount of how her son accidentally took a bag with a fishing knife in it to school. He was arrested and spent the night in a detention facility. This is testimony to try to add some common sense to the current zero tolerance rules. It makes far too much sense to pass.

* Leadership series! Jan Jones, the new Speaker Pro-Tem. They are doing these remotely now instead of in studio. Possibly because they are using the facility to tape Nancy Grace.

* Lawmaker Flashback! 1979 again. And that poor anchor woman is still standing. Somebody get her a chair! This was back in the days when men named 'Burl' roamed the halls. Good gawd what a tie! And a vest! Who misses the 70s? Ashtrays still present too.

* Technical difficulties yesterday prevented showing all the craziness from the press conferences on Unterman's (I never spell her name right) child prostitution decriminalization bill. Today we get to see the pro-bill side as well as the pro-stoning side.

* Ricky Bevington is here to read from her book of doom. Augusta elected a new state Senator (Hardie won). A hydrogen fuel station opened at Robins AFB. It'll be used to run fork lifts. UPS tripled profits. It's a happy report! Yeehaw! Oh wait, UGA is being fined for burning hazardous and medical waste. Nasty. Follow GPB News on Twitter. I do!

* Tommorow, More sex bills! And firefighters! Susan is very fond of the firefighters. For now, that's a wrap!

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All Anti-freeze must have an additive to make it taste bitter.

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