Monday, March 22, 2010

Life In The 4th

Living in the 4th Congressional District, voting in the Republican primary is about as useful as shoeing a goat. Having voted in the Democratic primary for the past 20 years, I take quite a bit of ribbing from Democrats about my declared independent status. My usual response is since Elaine Boyer is the only Dekalb Republican ever seriously challenged, I'm pretty sure she's got it covered without me.

All changes in July.

For the first time since I've been a resident of Georgia's third largest county, the Republican primary is far more interesting. More importantly, all the Democrats are in relatively safe seats or are heading to a foregone conclusion.

For these reasons, I will pull the Elephant's ticket this summer.

And I've narrowed my choices on candidate for Governor down to two. I'll leave you to speculate which they are.


Joeventures said...

I'll leave you to speculate which they are.

This is probably a good opportunity for me to remind you that Erick Erickson isn't running for Governor this year.

So who's the other one?

Sara said...

Karen Handel and Austin Scott are my guesses.

Rusty said...

haahahahahahaha, +1 Joe

Eric Johnson has to be on that list too, what with his enlightened view of the Genarlow Wilson case.

buzzbrockway said...

Nah, I'm pretty sure Grift is an Oxendine man.

Dave Bearse said...

Me, I'm guessing Ox and Deal.