Friday, May 31, 2013

Erickson's Arrogance Exposes Democrats Incompetence

Our old friend Erick has been all over the news lately.

On the national front, he's lamenting the fact that some wives earn more than their men and it could possibly unravel not only the entire fabric of society but nature itself.
When you look at biology — when you look at the natural world — the roles of a male and a female in society and in other animals, the male typically is the dominant role.
Locally, he's congratulating Athens Republican Regina Quick's response to her Chamber of Commerce grade of C+:
Good for Regina Quick. Increasing, Chamber of Commerce Republicans are not small gov't Republicans
That "conservatives" like Erick are willing to cast off sizable portions of demographics such as working women is nothing new. Although it is dangerous. I've personally witnessed more than one young female Republican, I mean dyed in the wool Republican, rankle at similar attitudes.

That he and those who continue to narrowly define what is and isn't a Republican are willing to cast off one of the pillars of the larger business community is new.

But what is striking is not Erick's ridiculous pronouncements. After all that's what he is paid to do - say outrageous things with little or no accountability. What is striking is as he and his allies continue to successfully shed appendages of the traditional Republican coalition, the Democrats, at least in the state of Georgia, cannot seem to acquire the cast offs.

As much as Erick's arrogance makes me not want to be his version of a Republican, the utter mewling kitten weakness of the Georgia Democrats certainly does not make me want to be their version of Democrat.


Baker said...

The women thing is obviously stupid. In looking for what will grab the most attention, Erick doubled down on the dumbest part of what he said. The rest of what he said in that RedState piece emphasized the need for two parents and, with some unusual delicacy, explained part of the problem with lionizing the single mom. And really, he actually was sensitive to the experience and inevitability of the single mom but laid out why we shouldn't encourage it or at least be so flippant about it.

In typical fashion though, most of the media globbed on to what would make Erick look foolish to most people. And in typical fashion, Erick jumped right in it because if the "Mainstream Media" says the sky is blue, he says no it's not and brags about it to the extreme wing of the Right.

Too bad the rest of what he said got so lost.

Baker said...

Dammit. I forgot to add that I think it's great that he's giving it to the Chamber of Commerce. Corporatists/ "crony capitalists" if you will, are most certainly not conservative. These "incentives" and "tax credits" that the Chamber is so in favor of are a further distortion of what is clearly not a capitalist system. What in the world does the legislature have to do with venture capital? Ridiculous.

griftdrift said...

That's a lot to process, Baker, so let me focus to a single aspect - Chamber of Commerce/Venture Capital

You may think that the Chamber is the enabler of crony capitalism and that's fine. And if they are they should surely be called out for it.

However, you cannot ignore the political aspects. The Chamber has been one of the pillars of the Republican coalition for a very long time.

Those who have no accountability like Erick can cavalierly toss that aside. Those who actually try to get elected or more importantly try to steer the direction of policy are leery to so casually toss aside that powerful an ally.

What in the world does the government have to do with venture capital? A lot.

You can't place venture capital into a "free market" vacuum and history has shown this. There have been great innovations both in the private space AND in the public space and most frequently with a mixing of both.

If you look at government's involvement in funding innovation holistically, it has had more successes than failures.

In other words, the impact of the success of a DARPNET (internet) far outweighs the indiviual failure of a Solyndra.

However, like any government program it is rife for favoritism and graft and therefore should be scrutinized with extreme prejudice.

But just because the possibility of failure or even corruption exists doesn't mean it shouldn't be attempted.

Bottom line on this and many other things.

Not everything is zero sum. Every choice is not binary.