Monday, October 26, 2009

The Morning Line - Atlanta Mayor's Race

Runoff Edition! The Morning Line will hand out odds of the candidates making it to the inevitable runoff. Are we guaranteed a runoff you ask? The Morning Line sets the odds of a runoff occurring at 1 to 4. Wager wisely. Now on to the field!

Mary Norwood - 3 to2: Mary's poll numbers have remained solid and there was even a goofy mystery poll which claimed she could win without a runoff. Don't bet on it.

Kasim Reed - 2 to 1: Reed's odds get shorter based on the latest WSB poll which has him creeping ahead of borders and the majority of the city workers (AFSCME) endorsing his campaign. The last item has been a bellweather in previous campaigns.

Lisa Borders - 3 to1: Borders is slipping. She missed the AFSCME endorsement and instead got the smaller PACE endorsement. This is not a good sign for the "establishment" candidate.

Jesse Spikes - 50 to1: No improvement in his numbers for months. Bye Jesse.

Kyle Keyser - OFF: Nice guy. Has as much chance of winning as I do. (And I don't even qualify)


Luke & Paul said...
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griftdrift said...

Let's talk about commenting for a second.

I believe that's the first time I've ever deleted a comment that wasn't spam.

I have always maintained the loosest restrictions on my comments. But there is a line and anonymous accusations of felony behavior crosses it.

Luke & Amp, if you have something to actually back up what you said, then post it. Or email me. People email me the wackiest stuff all the time.

But for now, that one has to go on the garbage heap.