Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Overreach Begins

Remember yesterday when I talked about nose rubbing and overreach? Apparently it has begun.

AJC's Jim Galloway reports, via rules process, the Senate Republicans only gave the Senate Democrats nine minutes to file amendments:
Henson said Seabaugh informed him that because they were not submitted under the terms of the new rules – within 24 hours of consideration – they would not be allowed.
What is the point of being that harsh? It's not like the the Senate Democrats have enough votes to really do anything. It smacks of something that happens when a majority wants to stick it to the minority as hard as they can. Sort of like what happened 10 years ago when the Republicans were the ones on the pointy end of the pig sticker.


Charlie said...

I am much less concerned about the inevitable overreach the Republicans will go for on redistricting, than the under-reach they'll end up with on transportation funding.

griftdrift said...

Yep. Will have more to say about that in a bit. Running some numbers and double checking my math.

lazermike said...

I agree that turnabout is fair play. But redistricting by the very same officials who stand to benefit is one of those things that is so blatantly wrong it's hard to believe it's actually how we do it.