Monday, August 08, 2011

Two Years Ago

What I said two years ago.
But what I am sure of is there is a wave of irrationality. As to how large that wave is, I do not think we know.
I don't think anyone ever imagined the wave would get this high.

And yes, I called out one side.
Even though we don't know how pervasive the irrational fear is, leaders (and there is little denying some of the people I am about to name have been embraced as leaders) on the right have trumpeted it as a "movement" and "patriotic" and as "mainstream". We've reached the existential moment where fear of the unknown or ignorance of the known is not only seen as rational political thought but a reason to proudly thump one's chest and declare patriotism.
And there is no mushy middle here. I was right and I'm not too shy to say it.

Those that ride the tiger do not fear the dismount. They no longer care. They only revel in the red of tooth and claw as it continues to ravage anyone in their path.

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