Friday, September 12, 2008

My Morning Wooten

It might be a strange day, friends and neighbors - Jim and I agree on some things.

But not right off the bat.
Billionaire Henry Samueli apologized for lying to the Securities and Exchange Commission investigators in advance of sentencing, which has been postponed. Ever hear anybody who’s not been caught apologize for lying or some other offense?
No, but at least he didn't resort to some lame passive voice mealy mouthism like "mistakes were made".
Secretary of State Karen Handel strikes a blow for transparency, too, launching her “Transparency in Government” initiative. A Web site will include her budget, monthly spending reports, her personal and campaign financial disclosure and ethics policy. “Responsible fiscal management begins with a commitment to transparency and accountability.” Republicans who run Georgia should own this issue. It’s what Georgians want. Transparency, performance standards and accountability.
In other news Georgians want ice cream on Sunday. For reasons known only in the deep recesses of the Wooten brain, Republicans exclusively know how to combine milk, ice and rock salt. Democrats would rather people just eat dirt.
The state should not take over any local school system, nor any airport, nor any city’s sewer system or anything else that fails at the local level. It has no particular expertise running schools or other local services.
I'm intentionally cutting off the portion about vouchers because it just clouds the issue. Jim is correct here. As noted here last year, the city of Johns Creek had to have legislative approval to open a parks department. In our supposed laissez-faire state, we have far too much top down governance and that needs fixin'. Unfortunately the fixin' would require reworking the Constitution and if we let the scoundrels loose in there who knows what additional stink bombs we will find years later.
No unkindness today for Barack Obama or Joe Biden. They’re still reeling from the old guy’s boldness in picking Gov. Sarah Palin and, in the process, seizing the “change” momentum. It’s hard to think of a guy who’s never bucked the Democratic establishment (Obama) and a 36-year Washington insider (Biden) as agents of change. Easier to imagine that from two party mavericks.
No unkindness until the next sentence.
Oh, my. It can’t be long before those who believe high gas prices are good (take the bus; don’t build more road capacity) jump on a report from the Transportation Research Institute at the University of Michigan...
Seriously, Jim. Is there someone at the DOT who has a picture of you playing golf with the devil?
Universities can be very selective in determining which values they seek to impose on students. At the University of Miami, it’s use of public transportation, ride-sharing and biking —- their intent in banning cars for freshmen. Wonder if they’d require, say, the pledge of allegiance at the first-of-day classes. Nah. Too jingoistic
Speaking of pictures with the devil. So a private institution makes a decision to improve its environment and a "conservative" not only wants to interfere but somehow implies it is not patriotic? For those playing Wooten bingo, N-32!
Landing Ron Paul as a running mate would be a coup for Libertarian presidential candidate Bob Barr. That alignment could be trouble in some close states, since both pull from John McCain. Their pull could, of course, be offset by Cynthia McKinney’s pull with the left. She’s the Green Party nominee.
Jim, do you end Fridays with items like this just to give me an early weekend giggle? Seriously, I don't know who should be more offended - Democrats or Libertarians. Actually I do know, libertarians have their highest profile candidate in forever and a certain person thinks they'll be offset by a kook who was essentially run out of office on a rail. Too funny.


UPDATE: This is just too good not to promote from the comments. Joe reminds of us a time when Jim was all for state control of, what else, transportation. It's like a Wooten koan! Road building worship, Republican worship and hypocrisy all rolled up into one slightly bitter treat!


Catherine said...

"The state should not take over any local school system, nor any airport, nor any city’s sewer system or anything else that fails at the local level."

OK, this sounds good, but what happens if the sewers actually do fail? Just let it go? Let the schools lose accreditation? Let the sewers run into the streets?

I am so tired of these types of pronouncements. Ask the next question, people!

Joeventures said...

"The state should not take over any local..."


griftdrift said...

Actually Catherine, yeah.

This is where I venture over to hard core libertarian. Of course I feel bad for the poor children (think of the children!) who have to walk to their degraded schools though rivers of feces and maybe there is a role for state government in an absolutely last measure situation but I'm looking more holistically. I fear much more the state where a local entity can't sneeze without permission of the big boys in the ATL.

Good one Joe!

Catherine said...

Isn't this the ultimate challenge of civilization? The balance between individual rights with the needs of a civilized society.

Me? I opt for adequate education, municipal infrastructure, environmental regulation, and more. I am willing to pay. (You will rarely hear me complain about taxes).

Would I prefer that local governments have control of their local infrastructure? In most cases, yes. But not at the expense of adequate education, municipal infrastructure, etc.