Friday, January 02, 2009

More From The ABH

The seeming schizophrenia at the Athens Banner-Herald can be maddening.

Last June, Editor Jim Thompson picked on a commentor and rolled out the credibility canard, but less than six months later, he's defending "citizen journalists" from the cuckoo for cocoa puffs rantings of UGA Journalism professor David Hazinski.

Blake Aued and I have wrestled numerous times, but it usually turns out to be more about bowing up since at the core we actually agree. Also, he correctly points out the ABH has shown forward thinking by adding blogs and podcasts.

Now, new publisher Scot Morrissey (not confirmed but probably not related to the dour but earnest pop star) steps into the fray.
For years, we've been like doctors in the way we present news: 'Take it. It's important, you should take it, so just take it,' " Morrissey said. "People have choices now that they didn't have before. And we are still saying in essence,
'Take it.'
There's hope in those words. I wish Mr. Morrissey all the luck in the world. And maybe some mood stabilizing pharmaceuticals for the editorial staff.

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