Thursday, January 15, 2009

My Morning Wooten

Keeping it simple today.

Jim's right.

The "Clunker" program is window dressing. The market is already adjusting towards fuel effecient/alternative fuel cars and as usual the government is behind the curve. Unfortunately, the window dressing this time is constructed from your tax dollars. Not good.


Richard Campbell said...

Not really. Most of the air pollution comes from older cars (to the point that Atlanta's emissions testing really shouldn't bother testing cars until they are at least 5 years old, probably 10).

Getting those older cars off the road is a good idea.

griftdrift said...

And the market is already starting to make that happen.

Richard Campbell said...

Yes, the market in new cars is what makes you give up your $500 car you've been driving because you can't buy anything better.

That always happens.

griftdrift said...

Guess what happens to a $500 car? It eventually breaks down. Usually sooner rather than later. Guess what happens eventually? There aren't any $500 cars left to buy because no one is making them anymore.

Hell, why even go with the window dressing of a voucher? Why not just buy a brand new hybrid for everyone who can get a 78 Impala to the nearest government exchange center?

Richard Campbell said...

There will always be $500 cars. The most you can hope for is that after some long period of time they too are more fuel-efficient and less polluting.

As to the government exchange center, it may come to that eventually. See also the digital TV converter boxes.

griftdrift said...

Don't get me started

whatwhatsthescene said...

there are plenty of $500 cars out there and that's not changing anytime soon.

if that's the basis of this argument, i have to call FAIL.

DaleC said...

Most air pollution does not come from 10 year and older cars, because they are too small a percentage of the vehicles on the road and many of them are clean.