Monday, January 05, 2009


Just days away from fanciful feastings on eggs and wild hog, all in the legislature for the moment agree - it's all about the budget.

Other issues will fascinate and early wagers are on the perpetual sundays sales and the latest gun bills, but despite agency heads startlingly returning money to the till, revenue is down and the economy seems to continue sliding down a boat ramp. The budget will be front and center with the only question being whether the Republicans can hold the horses together to make the process as painless as possible or if we will see a third straight year of internecine warfare.

It seems a good time to take stock and prepare.

Dick Petty's has a good wrap up on the pre-files including the eternal submission by Bobby Franklin of HB-1.

Travis Fain focuses on the economy and how the upcoming hog wallow will affect Middle Georgia. No word on if higher powers will have to step into the looming Monroe-Bibb border war.

And despite all the sausage making, there's always room for politics. Sen. David Shafer and Eric Johnson are already throwing punches. They are both wily campaigners not afraid to get in licks. If the Democrats can pull in a big name, like maybe a certain pol from down around Lake Seminole way, the lite guv race could be the one to watch.

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