Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Reason I'm Not A Democrat

My usual response to the question "why don't you just call yourself a Democrat?" is "because the first time a person calls me a DINO, they will find my fist in their face".

But it's also because the abject stupidity and utter arrogance of statements such as these enrage me.

Why is our government helping to fund this hate? Especially our Democratic government, helping in some way shape or form by sponsoring the very people that want its downfall? Are they really that masochistic?

I haven't heard the ads, but given Boortz and Cain's general listenership, the ads may have been well-placed. The NPR crowd after all isn't likely to want to brings guns to the airport

Our good liberal friends are questioning the wisdom of the TSA advertising on a radio station which doesn't kowtow to their political point of view. They ignore the practicality that WSB has had the largest audience in Atlanta since well before they were gleams in their daddy's eye.

But that's not what really irks me.

What really sticks in my craw is these types of statements make true the accusations of the right that Democrats act like they know better than you and view most of us poor, wandering, waterhead children who must be shepherded by some smothering nanny to find the "proper" place in life.

Caricatures are amusing because they contain a slice of truth and Democrats always seem the most anxious to prove it.


Joeventures said...

It seems to me, in this supposedly post-partisan era, that to be called any sort of *INO should be taken as a compliment.

Jmac said...

It seems to me that you're using an uneducated observation of what is a practical business investment to justify your own blanket argument (i.e. 'Gosh, I hate how those Democrats act like they everything ...').

Taking one argument from one person doesn't equate to groupthink by any means, and you're criticisms and observations are typically better than this example.

griftdrift said...

Jmac! Where you been brother?

A couple of things. Heh.

First, this is not the first time I've heard this flavor of comment. I don't usually comment on things in isolation or extrapolate out to a generalization. The left wing of your party is rife with exactly this type of insulting condescension.

Second, although the second half is from a commentor, the first half is from a front page poster of one of the prominent Democratic blogs in this state. That means it's on a whole different level of an individual putting forth their own preaching. I've called out Peach Pundit for far less.

There's a lot good in the DPG but just as I can't stand the looney right in the elephants, I can't stand the arrogant left in the donkeys. So I'll continue to proudly sport the independent moniker.

Perimeter said...

The point of that original post wasn't to say that Democrats are better than Republicans because of our sheer democraticfullness.

I would have had the same thoughts if Air America were advocating for secession from the Union because of George Bush's policies and the TSA advertising on it.

You have the federal government advertising on a station whose mainstays argue that we would be better off without the federal government, and who encourage their listeners to want secession (which if that were ever to happen, would lead to a Civil War.) Now, I don't think that would ever happen, but come on, it boggles the mind that the Democratic federal government is financially supporting those actively want its downfall. Supporting other sides of view is one thing - a vast difference is when that other side of view has decided you should no longer exist.

I don't know the answer to this, but does WSB radio have a larger audience than some of the pop stations here in Atlanta? If the goal is reaching the biggest number of people, why not go for Q100, or have some gigantic honking billboards over the Connector.

I do agree though about the NPR comment. That's a little much.

And, as an aside, if I had any idea that post was going to be the headline, I would have made it better :D

Amber Rhea said...

*shrug* I guess. But this reads a little to me like the women who shun feminism because of what a few crazies said somewhere along the line. It's not like this is an official party line or something. And I'm a huge fan of reclaiming identities/labels, others' misuse of them be damned.

JonF said...

Hey, whatever it takes to get through the night, grift. I'm going to clean my 12 gauge and then take a spin in my gas guzzling hemi V8 powered auto. And, yes, I'm a progressive Democrat.

There's plenty of room for you, bro. Part of joining a big tent is the realization that, yes, people in the same tent will piss you off on occasion. This is something Democrats have come to understand over that last couple hundred years (see: Will Rodgers).

Unless you're invested in being moderate but overrated...

I'd understand that.

Just don't hold it against me if I still think of you as on our team. No matter what you call yourself.


griftdrift said...


eightpercenter said...

this the sort of thing that puts the "dim" in Democrat. the party has power for the first time in years. They can ill afford to squander it on this sort of crap. The GOP is busy trying to purge its ranks with a neo-inquisiton. The Democrats should remember when they tried the same thing back in the 90s. Their reward was the Contract With America and the ever watchful eye of Newt. Some how an advertisement for a government program on Neal's seems funny.

Jmac said...

Jmac's been trying to make some money. It's a rough economy man ...

I love blogging, but it doesn't pay the bills.

Rusty said...

In this state there seems to be two parties: Republican, and Not Republican.

For some reason I am perfectly comfortable identifying as Not Republican, but not so much as a Democrat, even though by any practical measure they amount to being about the same thing.

Ed said...

Let me just say, being a Democrat and hanging around liberals (something I'm not) far too much, the smug factor is indeed real among Democrats and liberals (mainly the latter). Any talk of social issues ("history has always been on our side") really drives this home. I think South Park's send up of Clooney's Oscar acceptance speech pretty accurately described liberals' smugness.


First off, I don't think there is really a concerted effort from Democrats on this issue, so I don't think it is fair to say Democrats are spending any energy on this. Plus it isn't like this is a salient issue in any real sense.