Friday, May 15, 2009

My Morning Wooten

All over the place today.
A warning to conservatives wishing to avoid being trampled in a stampede: Never stand in the path of a liberal determined to give a Republican governor a big hug for vetoing a tax cut. Won’t give ’em a vote, but will give ’em a big wet kiss.
I'm for tax cuts but the constitution requires a balanced budget.
Despite Gov. Sonny Perdue’s veto of a capital gains cut and business tax credit for new hires, the Legislature did send an important message that it believes in cutting taxes to stimulate the economy, as opposed to Washington’s print money and spend approach. Kudos to state Rep. Tom Graves (R-Ranger) and state Sen. Chip Rogers (R-Woodstock) for ushering the bill through.
I'm for tax cuts but the constitution requires a balanced budget. CTRL-C/CTRL-V/GOTO Line 1
Georgia’s seventh in foreclosures. It’s fourth in mortgage fraud. Connect the dots
And? Last I checked fraud is illegal. Prosecute at your pleasure.
Please, Republicans, for goodness sakes, don’t do what Associated Press writer Erica Werner warns about. The president’s trying to reshape “the nation’s health care system to bring down costs and extend coverage to 50 million uninsured people.” But “Republicans could scare the public with images of a system run by bureaucrats.” Don’t. Henceforth, my band of right-wingers is forbidden to suggest that government-run health care might be an unhappy experience.
I'd love a link here so I could read the entire article for context. After all, it has been a problem before. Quote mining - a favored tactic of creationists and apparently soon-to-be retired Associate Editorial Page Editors.
Don’t suggest, either, that it’s not a good thing that the Obama administration wants a say in how financial institutions compensate employees, including companies that got no public money. Truth is, that’s not government’s business.
Pretty simple here. If you don't want the government mucking in your business, don't take its money. Otherwise, Jim is right. Government has no business mucking in the compensation of any private institution.
Why should a mayor have to suspend a police chief for wearing blue jeans after he’d been told to wear “professional attire,” namely his uniform? Jonesboro Mayor Luther Maddox suspended Chief Brad Johnson for five days for insubordination. At some point mature adults stop playing rebellious-child games.
Can't disagree with that one. Can you feel the love?
What a quaint notion: The ranking Republican on the Senate Judiciary Committee, Jeff Sessions of Alabama, thinks Justice David Souther’s replacement should be committed to the rule of law without regard to “feelings toward a particular person or political group.” Mark me quaint.
Okay. Guess I'm quaint too. But why do I feel Jim really means something more here.
A federal judge in Jacksonville will decide the value of metro Atlanta’s claim to Lake Lanier’s water. Common sense should prevail, with water allocated on these priorities: 1) Drinking. 2) Flood control. 3) Jobs. 4) Power generation. Next case, please.
Wait a minute. Did a "conservative" just say a federal program (that's really what Lake Lanier is) should generate jobs? Let's move on. Actually, when Buford Dam was built the purposes were 1) Power generation. 2) Flood control. Nary a mention of jobs or drinking water. As a commentor on Jim's own blog points out - he lusts for judges who rule on law and then ask one to rule solely on common sense (not to mention the feelings of particular group of people i.e. Atlanta).
Living the good life, as expressed by former WAGA-TV newscaster Jim Axel, now residing in Venice, Fla., where he’s battling lung cancer. Said Axel of his broadcasting career: “I was being paid for a job that I loved.”
Jim Axel was one of the first television faces I saw when I arrived in Atlanta in 1986. I've been keeping up with his battle at Certain Speculation. God bless, Jim.


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