Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Congressional Payola

The AJC has an interesting piece on private entities paying for Congressional trips. Private entities are allowed to pay for junkets but the rules are admittedly strict. The entire list is worth perusal but this item stuck out.
Atlanta Democratic U.S. Rep. John Lewis and a staff member spent two days in June in Chicago so Lewis could speak at a high school graduation ceremony. The John Marshall Metropolitan High School Alumni Association spent $1,500 for meals, airfare and hotel rooms for that trip. Lewis was the only Democrat from Georgia to file public disclosures for sponsor-funded travel, according to LegiStorm.

Lewis' expenses were the lowest on the list (to be fair Congressman Kingston's were very close to Lewis and he gets bonus points for paying his son's travel expenses).

It reminded me of an article in the AJC several years ago documenting Lewis' rather spartan existence in Washington. It makes one wonder from where this streak of "conservatism" arises in the liberal lion?

We anxiously await comment from Peach Pundit resident expert on race and ineptitude - Pete Randall.

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