Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Flat Out Stupid

The President's going to talk to some school kids today.

Some people think he's going to use his magic mind powers to turn them into socialist drones who will eat their parents. A woman in Tampa this past week said she didn't want her precious to hear Obama because he would know what they did in the privacy of their home. My first thought is what they did is probably manufacture meth and probably someone should check it out.

We (the royal we - feeling a little pretentiated today) are going to do something which would normally make our teeth chatter like a WWI era biplane machine gun - quote Thomas Friedman.

"What we need is people to stand up and say it's flat out stupid. That's is flat out stupid."

Can't wait to see what the red-baiters, scaremongers and paranoid freaks gin up next.


Agent CatstiX said...


Agent CatstiX said...

Yeah, this speech "controversy" is as you said.


Dave Bearse said...

No need to gin up anything new when they can crow that the speech would have been Marxist political indoctrination at the behest of egomnaniac Obama had they not acted.

It's a no lose GOP tactic that no doubt will be used in the health care reform debate. Develop a worst case senario and assert its certainty, rather than consider it a possibility, then attribute responsibility for anything less than that worse case to GOP action.
It's a way to make inferior health care reform a success with the GOP base.

The tactic won't work if it becomes clear opposition is based in partisan politics and opposition to Obama, and not action and results, and this manufactured "controversy" is certainly a flag to that effect.

Jerry said...

At least this time some RW "leaders", including Laura Bush, stepped up and did say it was stupid. Usually they just let the wackiness roam untethered.