Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Mayoral Candidates On Transportation

Lest you ever think I've cornered the market on full bore snark blasts, check out Joeventures recap of last night's Atlanta Mayoral candidate forum.
Each of the candidates is, in each their own way, uniquely unqualified to be Atlanta’s next mayor. However, I have to congratulate them for running. Thanks to poor governance from the State, truncated city limits and — to put it diplomatically — “constituent issues,” Atlanta is extraordinarily difficult to govern. So my hats off to anyone who wants a job that no sane person should ever want.
That makes me want to quiver in a ball and cry! And I've been accused of being a ruthless s-o-b so many times I've lost count!

Joe is an unabashed transportation progressive (he and I have clashed on the issue in the past), but has a keen sense of smell when it comes to politicians attempting to manure the flowers. And he has no problem flinging it right back from whence it came.

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