Thursday, June 01, 2006

Double Decker Highways for Atlanta

A little local news.

DOT considering double decking portions of I-285.

YE GODS! NO! How about a reasonable regional transportation plan instead?

After spending three days on the backroads of the south, I weep at the fact that I live in an area that subscribes to the pave over everything philosophy.

h/t: Being Amber Rhea


Don said...

People need to pay heed to the disasters in Portland and Boston where they are removing their doubledeckers because of the huge eyesore they cause.

Would it be too much to ask for a decent commuter rail line expansion for Atlanta?

ps: Hope life is treating you well.

Gimme / Cynthia said...

Atlanta must be taking lessons from Houston. "Let's remove a perfectly good cargo railroad track that currently runs from downtown out to the furthest country town, and replace it with a 20 lane highway."

Yeah. That's a great idea. <---100% sarcasm.

All these cities need to be taking lessons from New York and Washington DC. Those towns have very workable mass transit.