Thursday, June 01, 2006

Scene From The Road - Appomattox II

Grant's table.

It's shocking how small the parlor is. The obviously ready to go ranger basically said everybody says that. From the paintings, you expect this massive room that held about 12 men. In reality, it's only about 10X12.


Anonymous said...

who owns that house? and why do they?

Gimme / Cynthia said...

The largest farmhouses, and even plantation houses, back then were still smaller than today's "McMansions." Even the living quarters of the White House really aren't *that* big. Look at it this way - civil War soldiers would be shocked at the size of the houses we live in today.

This is really cool - I just started learning Civil War History last summer, and find it completely fascinating. Thanks for the pictures!

Agent CatFishStix said...

Small rooms, small people.