Thursday, December 06, 2012

We're Number 5!

Today is one of those rare days where you don't want to be number one.

Mother Jones, a liberal website, has published its 50 Worst State Legislatures and the scoundrels down at the Gold Down stepped in at number five.

Highlights from the top five:
  • Tennessee - Justifying a bill banning discussion of homosexuality in schools, a legislator explained to a radio station that everyone knows that the AIDS epidemic began when a man screwed a monkey.
  • Oklahoma - A bill banning the use of aborted fetuses in food.
  • New Hampshire - It's the third largest English speaking legislature in the world. Given that many people, it's inevitable you will come up with bills like the one requiring any state law to quote the Magna Carta
  • North Carolina - Don't believe in climate change? Simple solution, write a bill mandating sea levels to not rise.
  • Georgia - Obama mind control lectures. Comparison of women to livestock. Welcome to my home state.
Whenever there is an examination of the crazy, some one always says, both sides have plenty of crazy (if you're Republican you will likely mumble something about truthers) and that is true. But the fact is one side shows a particular pattern that the other does not and that creates a very real problem.

There are many people in this world, your humble scribe included, who trend towards conservative philosophy and therefore would naturally fit within the Republican party. However, we feel that we have no home there because the only home available is the Thanksgiving dinner where everyone at the table is the crazy uncle.