Thursday, September 29, 2011

Quote Of The Day

Mitt Romney on his perceived "flip flopping":
In the private sector, if you don’t change your view when the facts change, you’ll get fired for being stupid.
He's right. And it's the most refreshing thing he has said.

Refreshing because in the current season of the dogmatic there are few who understand facing facts is a necessity. Sometimes, even old Mitt himself.

My Afternoon Kyle

Blow, Gabriel, Blow. Kyle Wingfield defends his brothers and sisters in the profession against the myth that they are intentionally influencing campaign outcomes.
The media aren’t trying to puff up Cain now any more than we were trying to hold him down before. The public responded to Herman Cain, and the media are responding to the public. If he falters, the cycle will work the same way. And likewise if he continues to gain momentum.
And it is exactly the formula of public responds then media responds that is frequently distorted and reversed by some of Kyle's friends in order to continue the "liberal media" myth.

Kyle's honest defense is something we never saw from the previous proprietor.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Stupidest Thing I've Read All Day

I occasionally read an Occupy Wall Street story, think, "I used to be stupid and 22", then go back to the important things in life.

But when the Ginger Flash at Creative Loafiing reports that we're getting our own local chapter, "Occupy Atlanta", my curiosity is piqued!

Where will these idealistic, young torch bearers of civil disobedience gather?

Centennial Olympic Park? Convenient for shouting at the Chamber of Commerce!

Atlanta Finanical Center? Atlanta's own Wall Street!

The Gold Dome? The nexus of corporatist corruption!

Phipps Plaza? Sneer at the bourgeoisie!

Brownwood Park. Huh?

If you are not familiar with that hotbed of radicalism, it's the public park near Moreland and Glenwood. Smack in the middle of that notorious snake pit of corporate interest known as East Atlanta.

Maybe they chose their location due to the proximity of neighborhood watering holes. After all, what better way to quench your chant parched thirst than downing a Proletariat Beer Refreshment.

UPDATE: Some have questioned if I'm missing the point that this may be some sort of organizing hootenanny as opposed to an actual protest. I get it. I hope they get that it doesn't dull the point that they've made an open call via social media to have God knows how many people just show up in a public park in the middle of a neighborhood.

But I'll let your judge for yourself. Here's the guide to "People Assemblies" . Make sure you learn that people don't speak, they have "oral interventions:.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

One Night

Originally posted 2007

Jim Wooten on the death penalty.
We can either accept that juries reflect the will of the people and, therefore, disparities that superficially appear “arbitrary” will result. Or we can change the system.

David Keaton
Samuel Poole
Wilbert Lee
Freddie Pitts
James Creamer
Christopher Spicer
Thomas Gladish
Richard Greer
Ronald Kleine
Clarence Smith
Delbert Tibbs
Earl Charles
Jonathan Treadway
Gary Beeman
Jerry Banks
Larry Hicks
Charles Ray Giddens
Michael Linder
Johnny Ross
Ernest Graham
Annibal Jaramillo
Lawyer Johnson
Larry Fisher
Anthony Brown
Neil Ferber
Clifford Henry Bowen
Joseph Green Brown
Perry Cobb
Darby Tillis
Vernon McManus
Anthony Ray Peek
Juan Ramos
Robert Wallace
Richard Neal Jones
Willie Brown
Larry Troy
Randall Dale Adams
Robert Cox
Timothy Hennis
James Richardson
Clarence Brandley
John C. Skelton
Dale Johnston
Jimmy Lee Mathers
Gary Nelson
Bradley P. Scott
Charles Smith
Jay C. Smith
Kirk Bloodsworth
Fredrico M. Macias
Walter McMillian
Gregory R. Wilhoit
Muneer Deeb
Andrew Golden
Abolph Munson
Robert Charles Cruz
Rolando Cruz
Alejandro Hernandez
Sabrina Butler
Joseph Barrows
Verneal Jimerson
Dennis Williams
Roberto Miranda
Gary Gaugher
Troy Lee Jones
Carl Lawson
David Wayne Grannis
Ricardo Aldape Guerra
Benjamin Harris
Robert Hayes
Christopher McCrimmon
Randall Padgett
James Bo Cochran
Robert Lee Miller, Jr.
Curtis Kyles
Shareef Cousin
Anthony Porter
Steven Smith
Ronald Willamson
Ronald Jones
Clarence Dexter, Jr.
Warren Douglas Manning
Alfred Rivera
Steve Manning
Eric Clemmons
Joseph Nahume Green
Earl Washington
Willam Nieves
Frank Lee Smith
Michael Graham
Albert Burrell
Oscar Lee Morris
Peter Limone
Gary Drinkard
Joaquin Jose Martinez
Jeremy Sheets
Charles Fain
Juan Roberto Melendez
Ray Krone
Thomas Kimball, Jr.
Larry Osborne
Aaron Patterson
Madison Hobley
Leroy Orange
Stanley Howard
Rudolph Holton
Lemuel Prion
Wesley Quick
John Thompson
Timothy Howard
Gary Lamar James
Joseph Amrine
Nicholas Yarris
Alan Gell
Gordon Steidl
Laurence Adams
Dan L. Bright
Ryan Matthews
Ernest Ray Willis
Derrick Jamison
Harold Wilson
John Ballard
Curtis McCarty

Damn right we need a new system.

The Innocence Project

Friday, September 16, 2011

Flavors Of Condescension

Advocacy for a particular political persuasion requires a belief one holds the correct point of view. However, there is a point where belief converts to condescension, arrogance, haughtiness or whatever word you can find in your thesaurus that equates to being a jackass.

In my travels, I have found the two dominant parties prefer different flavors of condescension.

Republican Flavor:
I'm right. You're wrong. Go pound sand.
At this time, there's just too many examples to list.

Democrat Flavor:
If only you were knowledgeable / understanding / worldly, you would change your mind
Latest example. Troy Davis.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Douglasville Public Snitch Program?

We're still three or so months away from the scoundrels returning to the Gold Dome but Douglasville is wasting no time in advocating new "we must fix this!" legislation. In response to the terrible death of Bobby Tillman at a teenage house party, the wise ones of Douglas County want a state law to make sure the police gets advance notice of house parties.

How you might ask? Punish neighbors who don't dial 911 if they see obviously ill-intentioned youth clogging the well manicured streets? Instead of neighborhood watch are they going to get funds to start a neighborhood snitch program? Punish kids who show up to anything that doesn't involved a bouncy castle and pony rides?

Well, they aren't really sure.
Toward that end, Douglasville officials are considering a resolution that would urge state lawmakers to pass legislation to help give police advance notice about teen house parties. City Manager Bill Osborne said he doesn't know exactly what form such a law would take, but is hopeful state lawmakers can come up with a proposal.
Give the legislature an idea (involving more police power no less!) and let them work out the details. Now there's a rabbit hole lined with trouble making.

A Couple Of Random Thoughts

Lots of hootin' and hollerin' about last night's special election in New York.

Can you ever remember such intense interest in what amounts to local races? Is it a product of more information available due to the internet, more people involved at the grassroots level or, as some make it, bell weathers to a larger change? No doubt it will play as the latter. My warning to the crowers, the hardest fall is after the overreach.

If it is a bell weather, as Jay Bookman notes this morning, we face the possibility in 2012 of the Republicans controlling every facet of government. In 2010, I heard a lot of people justify the Republican takeover of the House (including electing some certifiable loons) as a good thing because divided government is a good thing. So, will people who used this rationalization vote Democrat in 2012?

Closer to home, I'll tease a bit. Radio Host Martha Zoeller has announced a bid for Congress. Not too long ago, she and I had a fascinating exchange on Twitter. It involved the word sacrifice. More on that later.

Finally, perhaps if this grows into more than a tempest in teapot, I will comment. I'm fortunate to not have certain shackles. But for now, I stand in solidarity with no comment.