Thursday, September 05, 2013

Quote Of The Day - Southern Fried Edition

From Jim Stacy, host of WPBA's "Get Delicious" and Destination America's "Deep Fried Masters".
Nothing says America like a corn dog. Back in the ’50s you’d take your kid to the carnival, fill him up with sugar, put him on all these rides and make him sick. Then for dinner you hand him this piece of meat on a stick. “Here’s your dinner and a weapon.” That’s the America I know.
Just a sample of his interview in Esquire. Esquire!

I've been aware of Jim since the days of Grand Moff Tarkin and was fortunate enough to once meet him outside the Star Bar. I was drunk and he was not, but he was as pleasant and gentlemanly to me as he probably is to his close relations. He's about as fine an example of a real southerner that I know.