Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Chambers Re-election

Rusty has some interesting thoughts on the upcoming campaign of Democrat Chris Huttman against incumbent Republican Jill Chambers.

I'm going to ponder the matter a while longer before I share my own thoughts, however expect something centering on my fondness for the north Dekalb Republicans - Weber, Chambers, etal. A character trait which vexes my friends in Democratic circles.

My Morning Wooten

Sara has it.

I will add that I love the decision. It's exactly how the court works at its best. The two ideological poles balanced by the reasoned middle - a middle which contained elements of both of the poles. The court works best when all voices are heard but the ultimate decision is based on the law and the evidence. Crawford vs. Marion County certainly fits the bill.

Of course nothing will prevent those on both sides from using it to further stir political doomsaying.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Stormy For Rhonda

Sen. Rhonda Storms (R-Valrico) is not having a good time in Tallahassee.

First, she can't get her "let's pretend like there's valid criticism of the Theory of Evolution" bill through the Senate. Now her colleagues have killed her effort to create the "I Believe" tag seen above. Again.

Maybe it's time for me to slip down to Florida. Things seem a whole lot more sane down there.

Evolution Ping Pong In Florida

The Florida House passed its version of the infamous "evolution bill". It now goes back to the Senate where so far the more reserved body has refused to let through similar legislation.
The bill requiring that teachers present a "scientific critical analysis" of the theory of evolution just passed the Florida House on a 71-43 vote, despite concerns from opponents who say it isn't necessary and will allow the teaching of religious theories like creationism and intelligent design in public schools.

The Sunshine State leg is in its last week and now looks to the upper house to use procedural magic to disappear the more controversial issues - politics which should sound very familiar to Georgians.

Cardwell On Martin

Look for more guerilla theater from the "outsiders" later this week.

I'm Not The Only One

Seems another big ol' "liberal" is a little fed up with the demogogic spew coming from some of the "true Republicans".
The question, of course, is whether this kind of crude, content-free racial and ideological demagoguery will backfire outside places such as Mississippi. I don't know. But if Republicans want to know why so many of us cannot stomach their politics any more, they don't have far to look.

Then again, those who also claim to know who the "true Christians" are probably mentally excommunicated Andrew Sullivan long ago.

Friday, April 25, 2008


Caroline Monroe

Tonight at Red Light Cafe
553 Amsterdam Ave


My Morning Wooten

Jim's kinda all over the place today.
If a Katrina occurs on his watch, John McCain says he would immediately fly to the nearest Air Force base, presumably to direct operations. “Never again, never again, will a disaster of this nature be handled in the disgraceful way it was handled.” Once again, the locals and then the state are responsible for preparation and for first response to disasters. McCain shouldn’t use this dead time in Republican presidential politics to federalize those roles.
What McCain understands and apparently Jim does not is it is not about federalizing any role. It's about appearing to actually give a crap when people are suffering.
I have rarely been more embarrassed for my alma mater, the University of Georgia. Protesting the choice of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas as commencement speaker, as some faculty members have done, embarrasses the institution. I’m not a vindictive guy, but those who are so intolerant of free speech don’t belong in the classroom.
The professors are wrong. But we shouldn't let a few bad apples spoil the barrel. Wait, why does that sound familiar?
OK, it turned out badly.but the decision by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to try to save taxpayers $138 — the cost of a metal pulley that’s part of the gauge measuring the water level at Lake Lanier — is hereby lauded. Imagine that. Bureaucrats who spend millions actually concerned about $138. Give ‘em a raise. On me.
A faulty gauge which led to an untimely release of water which led to millions of economic loss during a drought of biblical proportions and Jim wants to give them a raise? Do you still wonder why those of a certain political stripe saddle future generations with so much debt we may have to sell Oregon to the Chinese and call it sound economic policy?
Headline: “Donors generous just before session.”
Copywriter Jim strikes again! Maybe he just needs a transfer.
An 11-county poll for the Transit Planning Board, another of those groups involved in the process of talking about transportation fixes, finds that 58 percent of Metro Atlantans say they would support a 1 percent sales tax to fund a specific list of transportation projects. Me too — as long as it is the right fix and actually reduced traffic congestion.
Forget the will of the people. What matters is what Jim wants. Which is no rail or any of that hippie crap. PAVE! PAVE! PAVE!
Quiz the school kids: Do they know more about Earth Day or the Declaration of Independence or World War II. I’m guessing Earth Day.
Instead of guessing let's bet. Jim, let's take ten 5th graders and ask them. I'll bet you a sawbuck it's not Earth Day. Despite the myth spinning of some our public schools aren't birkenstock's required communes.

Till next time....

Songs In My Head

Thursday, April 24, 2008

10th District Republican Debate

For months I've sought an elusive beast - an actual Republican event. They skitter into the brush whenever I got close but now I've got one spotted and I'm going to hogtie this one!

The UGA College Republicans will host a debate for 10th District Congressional Candidates.

Please join the University of Georgia Chapter of the College Republicans for the first debate between Congressman Paul Broun and Representative Barry Fleming. It will be an exciting event designed to help voters get to know the candidates better. The 90 Minute debate will include questions from the panelists, from members of the College Republican, and from the audience. The University of Georgia College Republicans will host a reception at the conclusion of the event. Seating is first come first served. The doors will open at 1:45. Please plan to park in the North Campus Parking Deck.If you have any questions, contact Josh Findlay at jfindlay@uga.edu

The debate will take place at 2:00 p.m. on Saturday, 03 May, at the Dean Rusk Center on UGA's North Campus (in the Larry Walker Room on the 4th Floor).

Finally! I get to see real live Republicans up close and personal!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Gonzo Athens

Random notes of a deranged blogger who attended the YDUGA Senate Debate:

Cardwell used an analogy of cigarette packs to PACs.

Josh Lanier on a politician's need to know the audience: "I'm Rand Knight Saxon"

Apparently there's been a lot of defacing of Senate desk 32 over the decades.

Rand Knight: "We can't continue to live on coffee shops and condominiums".

Cardwell after Lanier explained his theory of universal healthcare: "I loved that."

Rand Knight on the environment: "We're defecating in our own house."

Josh Lanier: Looks forward to the day we "tax bad things like pollution and stop taxing good things like working".

Republican like moment of the night - Josh Lanier calling for an end to capital gains taxes on entrepeneurs.

Careless allegiances moment of the night - Dale Cardwell bragging about a Georgia Tech professor less than a mile from Sanford Stadium

Campus police ask me if I know who had put all the signs out front. It's Rand Knight.

Dale Cardwell referencing the Gene Hackman "Posiedon Adventure" which was released before most of the audience was born. Should have gone with the Kurt Russell "Posiedon".

Asked how they would show young people appreciation Knight jokes he'll forgive all student loans.

Although he couldn't resist taking a poke at the lowly blogger's alledged immunity from libel suits, Athens Banner-Herald boy reporter Blake Aued agreed to join me for a beer in the future.


Outsiders In Athens

Sometimes, it is about who ain't there.

Although a resident of Athens, Democratic Party Chair Jane Kidd was not. Despite resigning his party post the previous day, former Vice Chair of Constituent Services Virgilio Perez-Pascoe was.

U.S. Senate candidates Dale Cardwell, Rand Knight and Josh Lanier were. Coy Vernon Jones and apparent Democratic Party of Georgia darling Jim Martin were not.

The "greasers" showed up for the rumble but the "socs" were nowhere to be seen.

Although the absence of the putative front runners was not the only topic at Wednesday's debate sponsered by the Young Democrats of UGA, the three attendee politicians took quite a few swipes at the big bucks boys as well as the party they are vying to represent.

Josh Lanier, whose campaign has been defined by campaign finance reform, pondered the possibility that Martin and Jones were too busy raising funds. Given, he said, a sitting Senator uses 1/3 of the day to raise money, the absent candidates were acting like "Saxby Chambliss with a blue tie".

Dale Cardwell was more blunt. He noted a study which showed 99.7% of the U.S. population does not contribute to political campaigns and said he believes Martin and Jones count on voters to choose the person they "dislike the least".

"Young" Rand Knight called forth the ghosts of elections past comparing the $330,000 Jim Martin raised in the first ten days of his campaign to an alledged $310,000 debt from his last campaign. He also noted Sonny Perdue beat Roy Barnes in 2002 despite an 8 to 1 money disadvantage.

When asked if all three would support any eventual Democratic nominee, Knight proclaimed "any Democrat is better than Saxby Chambliss". Cardwell levelled the harshest criticism of the night, openly alledging his belief Vernon Jones is being paid by the opposition to run. Cardwell flatly refused to support Jones but agreed he would support any of the other candidates. Lanier demured, reserving judgment, but agreed somewhat with Cardwell that everything he read supported allegations of Jones supporting Republicans in the past.

As the three insurgent candidates move on to future confrontations, they find themselves only two months away from the fateful primary day where voters will deterimine if they are Johnny slowly slipping away in a hospitial bed or Ponyboy surviving and striving to "stay gold".

Senate Debate In Athens

The Young Democrats of The University of Georgia and Athens-Clarke County will host a forum for the Democratic candidates for U.S. Senate on Wednesday, April 23 from 6:00-9:00 p.m. in the North Psychology-Journalism Auditorium on the UGA campus. Confirmed attendees are Josh Lanier, Rand Knight, and Dale Cardwell, and tentative is Jim Martin. Josh Lanier is a retired Vietnam War veteran from Statesboro, Georgia. He has worked in business for several years, and at one time served on the staff of U.S. Senator Herman Talmadge (D-Ga). Rand Knight is an ecologist and businessman from Atlanta. Dale Cardwell is a former investigative reporter for WSB-TV in Atlanta, and currently resides in DeKalb County. Jim Martin is a former state representative and Commissioner of Human Resources, and was the Democratic nominee for Lieutenant Governor in 2006.

I'll be there if I can slog my butt through the Gwinnett County traffic.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Should We Trust The AHSA?

According to Erick Erickson, of course not! They support Democrats!

Who is the AHSA? It is the American Hunters and Shooters Association.

You can find an alternate viewpoint from Erick's "we're all going to soon be gulaged away by the Godless communists gun takers" worldview by reading what I wrote nearly two years ago on the AHSA . I leave you to your own judgment.

In the meantime, I have a question for Erick.

Should we gun owners instead trust an organization which promised failing grades to any legislator who refused to succumb to the strong arm tactics of mercenary lobbyists on a single local issue which even its local chapter deemed foolish?

I guess the grade only matters when the curve goes in favor of the class pets.

Carter and Hamas

There is much wailing and gnashing of teeth in Georgia these days over the latest actions of one of our native sons. President Jimmy Carter recently visited Hamas, the enigma which is the simultaneously a terrorist organization and the ruling party in the Palestinian Authority.

So why would Carter visit this group? To lavish them with hugs and kisses? To continue to prove to the world that he hates Israel?

Not really.

In his talks with Hamas leaders, Carter sought to persuade the group to declare a unilateral, 30-day cease fire in Gaza as a good-will gesture. But Hamas was having none of it. Early Monday, Carter said, he called Mashaal one last time to try and convince the Hamas leader to accept the idea. “I told them, ‘don’t wait for reciprocation,’” Carter later told reporters. “Just do it unilaterally. This will bring a lot of credit to you around the world, doing a humane thing.
Of course Hamas turned him down. So naturally Carter, named by Georgia blogger Erick Erickson as "history's greatest monster", flashed his famous grin and patted the misbehaving killers on the head.

Not really.
They turned me down. I think they’re wrong. I did the best I could on that. I don’t understand their rocket decision.
Another part of Carter's Hamas trip you may not hear from the Pharisees intent on dragging his heretical ass to the Sanhedrin was his attempt to attain the release of Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit.

In this he was also unable to sway Hamas.

There will be those who dwell on these failures, but it is doubtful in their crowing on the lesser accomplished they will whisper their apparent wisdom on how to accomplish the greater good.


From our neighbors to the east.

Pastor Roger Byrd said he just wanted to make people think when he put up a sign reading “Obama, Osama — humm, are they brothers” in front of the Jonesville Church of God on Thursday.
Perhaps this fine man of God was inspired by the good works of Redstate nee' Erick Erickson.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Abraham Receives Reprimand

Just heard on WSB and now it's on the AJC. DOT Commissioner received a written reprimand from the board but keeps her job.

For background listen to the podcast below.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Georgia Politics Podcast Episode 16

The gang once again joined together at Manuels Tavern to discuss the recent session, bloggers mixing in politics and the mating habits of political staffers.

Listen in on the thoughts of myself, Decaturguy, Catherine and Jen from Blog For Democracy and our always gracious host JosephG.

And yes I know it's Abraham not Abrams. I always screw up that name for some reason.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Songs In My Head

Songs In My Head

Friday, April 18, 2008

Another Lefty For Obama

Sam Nunn.
Though not a superdelegate to the Democratic National Convention, Nunn carries a deal of gravitas in foreign policy from which Obama could benefit. As one himself, Nunn could also help reassure conservative Democrats still suspicious of Obama’s position on the left-right political spectrum.

Nunn probably needs some good old fashioned vetting.

Hometown News

X-Files comes to Moultrie.
The video was shot from the yard of M´s home and in the nearby vicinity of the home, just east of Moultrie Georgia within the last couple of years. These contactees are not particularly interested in going public because they are Christians and do not want to be ostracized by many in the narrow minded local Christian community who think UFOs are the work of the devil.

Standing in my yard once I thought I saw a UFO. Then I drank another beer.

Thursday, April 17, 2008


Question of the day, gentle readers.

How many right wing boogeymen can a person put into one blog entry?

Communists? Check.

Particularly Chinese Communists? Check.

Associates of Saddam Hussein (But Rumsfeld etal do not count)? Check

Anti-war activists? Check

60s radicals? Check

The PLO? Check

Radical muslims in general? Check

Sandinistas? An oldie but goodie and also a check.

According to Erick it's all just vetting. Erick is this the same kind of vetting required for John McCain back in 2000 to be 100% sure he hadn't spawned a mix race baby?

The ghost of Roy Cohn is grinning.

Lewis Black On Evolution

And Georgia does not escape the snark.

Also don't forget Ben Stein's little fairy tale opens tomorrow.

For oodles of information visit Expelled Exposed.

h/t: PZ

This One's For You, Erick

Mark 2:15-17

And it came to pass, that, as Jesus sat at meat in his house, many publicans and sinners sat also together with Jesus and his disciples: for there were many, and they followed him.

And when the scribes and Pharisees saw him eat with publicans and sinners, they said unto his disciples, How is it that he eateth and drinketh with publicans and sinners?

When Jesus heard it, he saith unto them, They that are whole have no need of the physician, but they that are sick: I came not to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Screw politics. I'm just going to keep talking about food.

Why So Quiet?

Because of crap like this. And this.

I used to think there was a way to bring sides together. That reasonable people would put aside ridiculous rhetoric in order to grasp the greater good. Maybe I was wrong. The thought of another six months of garbage spewing forth is enough to dull even the sharpest pen.

The other night a young woman accused me of being too sensitive. She said my fault is always seeing the good in people. Maybe she is right. Maybe the only way I get the mojo back is to become the righteous bastard I was about 15 years ago.

Until then...

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Say Cheese!

We were probably too drunk to notice. Although I vaguely remember a sketchy looking dude walking around with a camera.


Let's talk food for a moment.

I usually let my good friends at Inside The Sprawl, inDecatur and Decatur Metro handle this kind of stuff but there's a couple of special items I want to touch upon. Also politics is just not appealing this week - especially with the right wing spew machine already ratcheting up the fear mongering to the point of summoning the ghosts of the red scare.

First up, from the aforementioned Inside The Sprawl, Dine Out For Tornado Relief

On April 14th, restaurants in or near the path of the March tornado are donating 15% of the night's bill to relief efforts. Participating establishments include:

Dakota Blue
Fox Bros. Bar-B-Q
Ria’s Bluebird
Six Feet Under
97 Estoria
Grant Central
The Standard
The Depot
Vickery’s Glenwood

As a patron of many of these fine places I would recommend them under normal circumstances. Given this generosity, all I can say is get your ass in a seat and eat some food.

Second up, an old friend returns.

Many of you ask who are the hooligans you see in the pictures of Saturday Stupids. They are exiles. Expatriates of a sort. At one time or another we all met at a little tavern called Jaggers. We swilled beer, gnawed on wings and ate pizza. Then one day our home was sold. Nothing tasted the same anymore - particularly the pizza.

Well glory hallelujah! The bar may be gone but the pizza is back!

Jaggers has re-opened in a small storefront in Sage Hill Shopping Center. It's delivery and carryout only. But you can get their classic pizza, salads and wings delivered by calling 404-876-8880.

Give 'em a try and see if the old magic is still there.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Deadtree Feud


More Al Swearengen, less Seth Bulloch please.

Monday, April 07, 2008

My Morning Wooten

Jim on the latest right wing zombie - Obama's flag pin.
Barack Obama cost me a dollar... I bet my colleague, Jay Bookman, that when Obama appeared before cameras for his Jeremiah Wright speech, he’d be wearing an American flag lapel pin...I lost...Obama has said he thinks actions, not lapel pins, demonstrate real patriotism. For enough Americans to represent the difference between victory and defeat in a general election, that’s a little ambiguous. That’s especially true of white, blue-collar types...I have to admit that I’m one of them. A candidate who wants to be President of the United States should not be uncomfortable wearing a flag lapel pin or think it’s cheesy. Symbols matter.

Jim, I'm a betting man too. How about this? Every time a Republican is seen wearing a flag pin I'll give you a dollar. Every time one is seen sans pin, you give me a dollar.

I'll gladly donate my expected windfall to a non-partisan charity. My personal favorite is Habitat for Humanity - also a fine example of action instead of rhetoric exemplifying belief.

Sunday, April 06, 2008

The Sub-Prime And The South

Holy sweet Christ, look at Florida. Things have not been good down there for a while.

Full graphic here. California and the NE do not fare well either.

Saturday, April 05, 2008

Saturday Stupids

Quote Of The Day

Rep. Jill Chambers (R-Dekalb) on House Republicans giving House Democrats an assist to cut an anti-abortion amendment from one of the Grady bills:
I’m tired of men in the Capitol playing vaginal politics

I know Rep. Chambers has had a rough session, cough Dunwoody cough, but that's a helluva way to cap it off.

h/t: Amy

Friday, April 04, 2008

Griftdrift on What Is Goin' On

Some advice gentle readers. Never agree to a radio interview the day after your birthday.

Wilson and I talk about Barack Obama, fishing, the legislature and other doo-dads.

Listen here.

April 4th

Friday PSA #2

Teh Drama

North Fulton Drama Club& Barrington Hall

William Shakespeare’s
A Midsummer Night’s Dream

May 2nd & 3rd, 9th & 10th, 16th and 17th (Evening)
May 4th (Matinee)

Evening Shows start at dusk (about 8:30pm) with seating beginning at 7:30pm.
Sunday Matinee starts at 4:00pm, seating to begin at 3:00pm.

North Fulton Drama Club is proud to present William Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

Reserved Tables are available! For a mere $40, you can reserve a table for six on either the left or right side of the general seating area. Additionally, for just a few dollars more, you can pre-order your dinner from Roswell’s The Fickle Pickle!

Table reservations will be accepted until day of show. Catering orders for reserved tables must be submitted before midnight on the Wednesday prior to that weekend’s performances.

To reserve your tables, please visit our Virtual Box Office!

Performances will be presented on the back lawn of Historic Barrington Hall in Roswell, Georgia. The Hall is located at 535 Barrington Drive, on the south side of the Historic Roswell Square, near the intersection of GA Hwy 120 and GA Hwy 9

Friday PSA #1

Teh Sex

Sex 2.0 will focus on the intersection of social media, feminism, and sexuality. How is social media enabling people to learn, grow, and connect sexually? How is sexual expression tied to social activism? Does the concept of transparency online offer new opportunities or present new roadblocks — or both? These questions, and many more, will be addressed within a safe, welcoming, sex-positive space.

Respecting the confidentiality and protecting the identities of participants who wish to maintain a degree of anonymity will be a top priority at Sex 2.0
When? April 12, 2008

Where? 1763~A Deviant Place of Decadence, 1763 Montreal Circle, Tucker, Ga., 30084 (directions)

How much? $10 until February 17; $40 until March 28; $50 after March 28.

At Sex 2.0, everyone is a participant rather than a passive attendee. This is YOUR event!

Thursday, April 03, 2008


Songs In My Head

Finally made 40
Still wearing jeans