Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Fearless Predictions Sure To Be Wrong!

Mary Norwood will not get a majority and will face Kasim Reed in a runoff.

Hoffman will easily win NY-23.

Erick Erickson will be a pompous ass today.

Actually, I'm pretty damned sure 2 of those 3 will play out. I leave you to figure which ones.


Unknown said...

Hoffman's gonna roll in NY-23.

It's a safe Republican district that was only open because the GOP foolishly nominated Scozzafava who, of course, was marginally sane ... thus resulting in the backlash.

I'm interested in NJ governor. I think Christie is gonna win, but it'll be ugly.

- Jmac

Rusty said...

It looks like I owe you a beer since Spikes only got two percent of the vote.

Mental note for future elections: five percent is where over-under games should be played with fringe candidates.