Tuesday, May 11, 2010

About House District 82

I, along with many others, was surprised by Rep. Kevin Levitas sudden decision to not seek re-election in House District. Rep. Levitas consistently placed service to his constituents above party and ideology. His common sense approach in an arena sometimes devoid of this fundamental trait will be missed.

My inquiry into the possibility of continuing his legacy by seeking to be his replacement brought positive responses from Democrats, Republicans and Libertarians. I am overwhelmed by this diverse support and it reaffirms my lifelong belief that ideas always win over ideology.

Due to the unusual circumstances of this election, the qualification process remains unclear. Therefore, before I make any decision, I've requested clarification from Secretary of State Kemp. Once the issue of qualification is resolved, I will consult with my family and together we will determine if this journey of service to the people of District 82 is one we are bound to begin.

But, if I'm in it - I'm in it to win it.

James Williams
Wildly Independent...But In A Good Way

Press Inquiries to griftdrift@gmail.com


lazermike said...

Put me down for a yard sign.

Juliana said...

Keep us posted James.

We need as many wildly good independents as we can get.

Garrett said...

Hell yeah! Your ideas are really all I've ever known you for, between the podcast and your blog. I just squinted at the district map PDF for a few minutes and I think I'd have a few potential votes to throw your way.

I know you'll keep us apprised.

Unknown said...

You can count on my help!

Dave Bearse said...

Levitas is dead on any future ballot that is presented to me barring a more thorough explanation.

As an 81st district resident, I have a few 82nd district neighbors and business contacts that I'd encourage to support your candidacy.