Thursday, October 06, 2011

OccupyWhereEver vs The Tea Party

If you made fun of grannies toting signs saying "Keep The Government Out Of My Medicare", you're not allowed to get mad at people making fun of the Occupy movement for using iPhones to spread their anti-corporate message.


Seth said...

I'm not mad, but I think the media has proven to be equally dismissive of both groups.

Regardless of my own affinity for one group over the other, I think it's pretty clear that - especially cable news media - are very, very lazy.

TL said...

That's a really silly attempt to make a false equivalency, especially since OWS doesn't have an "anti-corporate message"; it's an anti-Wall Street message. I highly recommend Jon Chait's discussion of the distinction:

griftdrift said...

One of the demands being floated is elimination of corporate "personhood".

But you not what I really miss? Humor as part of a movement.