Tuesday, November 15, 2011

January Can't Come Fast Enough

In case you're wondering why I revved the engine up again, look no further than two pre-filed bills.

Exhibit A - Sen. Bill Heath is not satisfied with optional IN GOD WE TRUST stickers for license plates. He wants those magical words required. Those who don't want idolatry/graven images on our government required identification will have to pony up a dollar for generic county modesty stickers.

Exhibit B - After the hippie/communist/dirtbags who infest that leftist hive known as Mississippi (with that many consonants, they must all be descended from Russians!) destroyed righteousness by defeating the personhood amendment, Rep. Rick Crawford takes up the noble cause of protecting us from the sins of in vitro and birth control. Bonus....he's a Democrat. Oh, what fun we'll have dissecting that one.

Seriously. Who could stay away with the yahoos making it this easy?


rptrcub said...

Bobby Franklin is dead. Long live Bobby Franklin!

Anonymous said...

This Heath guy looks like a loon. And I'm a Republican, mostly.

Accorting to a name search on ajc.com,

He's against agnostics (op cit.), Mexicans in general, Mexicans injured while performing undocumented labor, college-educated Mexicans, state income tax (hm), raising govt revenue in general, and car phones without bluetooth.