Thursday, April 26, 2012

Quote For The Day

George Chidi is a familiar name to anyone who followed the Occupy Atlanta fun. In a "break-up letter", published by Creative Loafing, he lets loose. While he exposes the many problems many of us suspected existed within Occupy Atlanta, the following stuck out for me.
The tent protest against AT&T's decision to shift roughly three percent of its workers from union wireline jobs to non-union jobs in the U-Verse division was so little respected that the union itself did not meaningfully participate.
People who say the left doesn't police its own have not been around the left leaning activists I've encountered. When Occupy Atlanta first got off the ground, I looked to the movement trench warfare veterans, of which there are many in this town, to gauge the seriousness of what was going down in Woodruff Park.

The reactions ranged from curiosity to utter disdain. Essentially the attitude was "they don't know what the eff they are doing and they will probably eff a lot of things up".

Good rule of thumb when dealing with new movements; always look to see how they are received by the established movement community and you'll have a good idea of their true impact.

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