Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Elections Are Worse Than Ebola

From an Andrew Sullivan reader, in response to the ur-blogger going round the bend over President Obama's poor debate performance.
it took a failed war and Abu Ghraib for you to turn on the incompetent mediocrity that was George W. Bush, but Obama now seems to be old news because he was uninspiring on the television? 
After reading Sullivan's wailing last night, I seriously considered backing off politics for the next four weeks.

Elections have a debilitating effect on people. Already I've had to make one deal with a friend to not speak of it until after its over (a pledge both quickly broke). But this particular election seems to be infecting even reasonable people. I expect some level of crazy as even the normally rational succumb to partisan fever, but there's something about this election which is turning people into whirling, tarantella spinning, spewing, thrash monkeys.

But I won't. It's too enticing. Just have to be careful to not let any of the contagious spittle splash on my person.

For those on both sides who tend to get caught up in the whiplash, here's a little non-Buddhist chant you can recite over a candle or whatever floats your boat as you try to maintain some facsimile of humanity:

-Mitt Romney was never as bad as people made him out to be.

-President Obama has never been more deadly than right before he lunges out of a hole of his own creation.

-Every candidacy has a near death experience and that goes for incumbents too.

-Ebb and flow. Ebb and flow.

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