Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Is The City Of Lakeside Inevitable?

From my column in this week's Creative Loafing:
Lakeside will form if the residents wish. It should not be viewed with anger or resentment. Given the state of DeKalb County, enough may be enough and cityhood might be the only solution.
Since initially putting paper to pen, the Lakeside Alliance has made several missteps, pissing off a large portion of Tucker not being the least, but I still believe it will happen. If for no other reason than people I speak to who still live in Dekalb County are angry beyond reason. And can we really blame them?


BEZERKO said...

How many local municipalities are there in Ga? Hundreds? Thousands? Why don't they just make the whole thing just one big gated subdivision with a guard to let in the people who clean the toilets and mow the lawns?

Dave Bearse said...

My objection to Lakeside is the shameless self-serving greed. The initial boundary included industrial/commercial areas that had no business being in the city because their tax base supports adjacent residential areas that would remain in unincorporated DeKalb. Proponents in round two jettisoned the apartments and modest townhouses north of Pleasantdale Road. This would leave a quarter to half mile wide two mile longer sliver of unincorparated DeKalb along the Gwinnett County line largely devoid of commercial-industrial tax base.