Thursday, August 08, 2013

More Poll Stuff

My opinions of polls vary from indifference to hostility. Whenever someone starts screaming about a poll where a thin majority supports their position, I like to say, "well most people would like to ride a pony to the supper table and eat nothing but ice cream, what's your point?"

So that's why I take Public Policy Polling's latest round of surveys with a grain of salt. However, based on conversations and reading, I wish I could say I'm surprised by these results but I'm not. Hopefully, this is just a case of confirmation bias or correlation perceived as causation, because if these numbers are accurate, it is almost too depressing to comprehend

- 53% of Georgians prefer Creationism to Evolution. Before you start arrogantly cackling Democrats, a plurality of your fine folks believe this also.

-A plurality of Georgians think the much ballyhooed White Student Union at Georgia State is a fine and dandy idea. Probably because the lazy press hasn't reported it has ties to a white supremacy organization.

-But perhaps the saddest part. We don't like Honey Boo Boo very much. Is it because she and Mama June and Sugar Bear are a mirror? Or just another caricature designed to eternalize us all as gap-toothed rednecks? I don't know. I like watching her family mostly because I've known people like that and even though they are complete bug crazy, they are good people. My people I suppose.

PPP is testing the temperature of this state. It's a sign that the upcoming Senate race may be the real deal. It will still be herculean for Democrats to turn it competitive but we still have a year of Republicans seeing just how crazy it takes to dance the primary jig and there are indications real money might swing this way.

Meantime, the rest of the country will see these polls, flip on a rerun of Dukes of Hazzard and thank God they don't have to deal with Enos chasing down Daisy Duke once again.


Grayson: Atlanta, GA said...

This laundry list of our media culture shortcomings isn't helping much of anything. Says the polling in my head.

Dave Bearse said...

Crazy GOP Senate candidates have provided a good show during the past few elections. Georgia's poised to be a 2014 frontrunner in this regard since Steve King is out, and Broun and Gingrey in. Not that it turned out good for DE, IN, MO, and NV, but I think it will turn out bad for GA.