Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Atlanta Mayor's Race - The Morning Line

The Mayor's race is hottin' up, so it's time to update The Morning Line. Remember - gambling is strictly prohibited and this is for entertainment purposes only.

Lisa Borders - 2 to1

Outlook: Lost in the the fury of the "Black Mayor Memo" was the fact that Borders caught Norwood in the some of the polling. Then, this week, she received an endorsement from the group that is on every Atlantan's mind - The Po-Po. Borders is starting to put the traditional dominoes together that lead to victory.

Mary Norwood - 8 to 1

Outlook: Borders has caught the early front runner in certain polls. Surely a sign Borders is cutting into her previous broad base support. Norwood needs something dramatic and that usually means going negative.

Kasim Reed - 15 to 1

Outlook: How do you tell a campaign is fading? It puts out a poll bragging about how it is catching the second place candidate.

Jesse Spikes - 50 to 1

Outlook: Everybody's favorite dark horse is holding steady at 2%

Kyle Keyser - 200 to 1

Outlook: A new horse has entered the race! Kyle is a great guy and deserves kudos for raising awareness about crime in the city, but this is nothing but an advocacy candidacy. It would be great to see him run for City Council next time around.


Anonymous said...

I literally LOL'd when I saw that he was boasting that he could be tied for #2.
Your teachers were lying, Kasim. Everyone is NOT a winner.

Stefan Turkheimer said...

I don't think Borders is a clear favorite. We will know more after people get on tv and the name ids in this race creep above 30.

Unknown said...

not to be totally cynical here but will keyser's natural consituency be folks that normally don't bother voting anyway that just get involved b/c of him or will he gain some traction w/ his cause and siphon up just enough "white vote" to really put norwood in a pickle?

Anonymous said...

Lessee - Atlanta needs a black agenda while on her flanks De Kalb County needed a darker administration - and College Park fired its economic development director for being white...has Jim Crow been replaced by a darker crow in the city too busy to hate?

Unknown said...

From the candidates I've heard so far, all of them have a solution to crime: more police officers on the street. Really! That is NOT the solution. Job Training Centers, Educational funding for technical centers, more drug treatment facilities and mentoring on steroids - those are the solutions. Solutions have to take a hybrid approach. Not this same ol same ol lock them up and throw away the key - PLEASE. Who else is running for Mayor of Atlanta with out of the box ideas?