Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Congrats Local Blogs

The Loafies are out and as Dave at inDecatur points out, Decatur in general won big.

Dave's competitor/cohort in covering the Decatur happenings DecaturMetro won the coveted Local Blog of the Year. To my brother in semi-anonymity, I say, well done, sir, but now with great power comes great responsibility.

Also around town, friend of the Grift, Drive A Faster Car won reader's choice for Best Local Blog/Blogger as well as Best Georgia Based Music Blog .

And foodie Jennifer Zyman won Best Local Blogger for The Blissful Glutton.

There's so much quality out there, I imagine it's getting hard to pick.

I'm happy and proud for my friends. But this time of year always reminds me that I've been a slack-ass. Lately, a burst of activity in my professional and my personal life has led to even greater slackedness. I'm not going to promise this will change, but I don't doubt things will start popping again soon. After all, it's only 3 months until the scoundrels in the Gold Dome once again appear.

But while I'm being lazy, make sure you check out these folks and those over to your right. Good people all.


Dave Bearse said...

You've enough of a following that time away will not be a concern if you later want to devote more time.

DM said...

Thanks Grift!

But what is this responsibility that you speak of? :-)

Tessa Horehled said...

Runner up for Best Georgia-Based Music Blog but thanks re:Best Local Blog/Blogger! :)

I can absolutely relate re:busyness in other areas of life getting in the way of blogging and over the years, DaFC has definitely had some slim posting periods. As long as you get back to it. ;)

Amani Channel said...

There are a bunch of great Atlanta blogs out there indeed. Yours is one of em my friend. Hope all is well.

Wondering if you'd mind giving a critique one of these days. We opened it up for soft beta launch a couple of weeks ago.

Also, be on the lookout for the New Leaders Council - Atlanta chapter.