Monday, October 19, 2009

Pundit Flip

David Frum answers an interesting thought experiment - what if certain conservative pundits were offered oodles of money, longevity and fame to harp the exact opposite of their current "views".

I think he's pretty spot on.

But it is Andrew Sullivan who provides the closer and I believe inadvertently provides illumination into one of our own.
I can't grapple with Coulter either. I assume it's an act. But it could be an act that has become so internalized it has become her. Poor, lost soul.
Substitute "Erick Erickson/him" for "Coulter/her" and I believe you would still be accurate.


Unknown said...

silly silly silly supposition. these folks may be over the top at times, and may even exagerate for effect, but they are relaying there basic beliefs--well maybe not oreilly--but the rest of them are--would you ask the same thing of the liberal pundits? would maddow, or franken or garafalo "flip" for more money, fame etc..?

griftdrift said...

Jay, Frum pretty much agrees with you that O'Reilly would be the only one who would definitively flip.

As far as Maddow and Garafalo? No, I don't believe they would. They fall in the same category as Levin - true believers.

As far as Erick? I just don't know. If I based it on our private conversations, I would say he's a reasonable guy who I could disagree with. His public persona is much different and has gone completely around the bend in recent months. I agree with Sullivan's comment if they are applied to Erick.

Unknown said...

the more stupid stuff erick writes and does, the more famous he gets.

griftdrift said...

And whose fault is that? Hmmmmm?