Thursday, October 01, 2009

Wren's Nest In Atlanta Magazine

Yeah. I'm still around. Not much to inspire lately. I've even thought about converting from politics to some sort of southern life theme. Maybe I'll get Grayson to contribute opinings about sweet tea or something.

Anyway, not converting yet, but here is a good ol' fashioned southern story, layered with darkness and love and money. Three essential ingredients to southern mythos whether you're William Faulkner or Flannery O'Connor (or even Joel Chandler Harris).

Atlanta Magazine's Elizabeth Westby has a nice piece about our friends Lain and Amelia over at The Wren's Nest.

Make sure you check it out.


buzzbrockway said...

Good article. I think Shakespeare explains it well:

"The exposure also allows him to address a few misunderstandings—to explain that Harris’s dialect stories were above all “a love letter to folklore.” “I don’t want to spout off propaganda, because it’s a complicated legacy, and I think it deserves scrutiny without immediate judgment,” he says. Whether it’s because Shakespeare has caught their attention or because a new generation of readers is willing to view the stories not in black or white but on the terms, however troublesome, of their era, it seems people are listening." aka The Urban Reporter said...

Have something that may be inspiring for you. I may need to tap you for Faculty with the New Leaders Council Atlanta Institute. Your name came up for the blogging session.

Also, would love it if you could pass along some great progressive bloggers I can reach out to who may be interested in NLC Day.

Icarus said...

Well, we were both amused at the AJC's open call to replace your dear friend Jim Wooten. It seemed to have turned out O.K. with KW.

Now that they have the dry run out of the way, what are the odds we can convince them to finally truly replace Lewis Grizzard?

Preferably, with one of us?