Sunday, March 07, 2010

Gonzo Lawmakers - Day 20

A daily recap of the Georgia Public Broadcasting show "Lawmakers". The show airs weekdays at 7:00pm with a replay at 5:30am the following weekday.

* Let's do the time warp again! This episode was broadcast on Feb. 18th. Tomorrow the legislatures returns, Lawmakers returns and Gonzo returns on a regular basis. I promise. Now on with the show.

* It's the weekly recap show and that means Project Tom Crawford!

* Valerie on the set again. No mention of Nwandi this time. That can't be good. And Valerie missed a camera transition. There's some bad juju in the air.

* Sen. Jack Hill talks about looking under the mattress for money. Told you they're desperate.

* Oh boy. They're going to tackle the Board of Regents. That's going to be one hella nasty fight.

* Snappy yellow suit on Valerie. Matches the 70s themed set. Cut me some slack. It's the weekend recap. It's all about the fashion. One day your in and the next, you're out.

* Scowling house clerks! The streak continues!

* It's all about the adjournment. Which already happened. Democrats didn't want to take the break. That's something I didn't know.

* Love the necklace Susan. More fashion. I'm also getting caught up on Project Runway.

* We have to talk about fashion cause lord knows, the last day before the ADJOURNMENT not a lot got done.

* Tape monster is back!

* Rep. Steve Davis (R-Land Of Endless Pavement) wants to restructure the Atlanta Regional Commission. His amendment was ruled not germane. I wish I could rule the nightmare that is the Hudson Bridge Rd. exit not germane.

* The Senate debated a bill about mobile homes. For an hour. Good lord. And it was sponsored by Sen. John Bulloch who's from down my way. The jokes just write themselves.

* The Non-Civil Committee. Awesome name. And we get Lara Fawaz at Hogwarts for a report. Fixing the law to cut off the loophole that allows student-teacher relations (in the Biblican sense). Barry Loudermilk wants to ban abortion based on race. Democrat Stacy Abrams points out just how insane this thing is. If a woman mentions race and the doctor performs the abortion, the doctor is a criminal. Seriously. Have they lost their minds?

* Good job Lara. Where's Keocia? Has Channel 46 already hired her?

* Project Tom Crawford! Oh Tom! A checked shirt with a striped tie? And it appears Tom is determined to bring the 70s back. I swear the tie is gold with black stripes. Can someone from The Men's Warehouse save this man? I feel all wobbly just looking at that thing.

* There are far too many mentions of "gaping holes". Sounds dirty.

* Tom points out the only big pool of money left is the University system. You think politics is nasty these days? Just wait until that fight starts.

* We're going to raid the sewer funding. We're literally up sh*t creek.

* Working Family Caucus or something. And there's Nan Orrock. I could have put money on her being there. Democrats for tax reform? Closing tax loopholes? How about that! Too bad they didn't act this way when they were in power. Oh and of course they want to raise taxes. Duh.

* Lawmaker flashback! 1985. Angulique Proctor was an anchor! I believe she went on to report for one of the big boy TeeVee stations. They're debating gasoline sales which is about as boring as it gets. This was back in the day when they were called filling stations. Young Steve Thompson! Well, not exactly. That sucker hasn't changed a bit. And I won't even get into the deal with his hair.

* Protest of the day and that means Alan Freedman. The advocates for vouchers braved the chilly weather. They even have a rabbi! How refreshing. In a weird sort of way. Now in the committee meeting and there's former WSB reporter Bill Nigut! He's a big old liberal, so he doesn't like vouchers. I once danced the Hora with him. How many south Georgia rednecks can say that!

* Ricky Bevington and her BOOK OF DOOM! Georgia is getting no transportation stimlus funds and the chyron reads "No Stimulus For You". One of the interns has a sense of humor. Rejection, rejection, rejection. Tiger Woods? What the hell does this have to do with Georgia? Oh, The Masters of course. A rockslide closed a highway in north Georgia. We're back to Revelations style news updates.

* And we're off for the ADJOURNMENT, but with the magic of the internet, I've brought you up to current. So we start all over again tomorrow. But for now, that's a wrap!

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Sid Cottingham said...

A post from today notes:

Today my friend from South Georgia who authors Drifting Through the Grift wrote in a post "Love the necklace Susan. More fashion."

I know it has been put out there, but I did protect the identity of my friend.

After Susan, can a post about Tom Crawford be far behind. In time maybe, and keep up the good work.