Wednesday, March 24, 2010

That Side Of The River

As a blogger, the news that Orly Taitz, the birther queen, has joined the legal fight to challenge this week's healthcare legislation causes me to rub my hands in glee. As a thinking human being, it strains my eye muscles as they roll uncontrollably.

I refer to one of my political priniciples as "the side of the river". It states, "no matter how much you fundamentally agree with an issue, sometimes you have to look around and see who's standing on your side of the river". There is nuance, however. Each side of the river always has resident kooks. One must determine when the number of kooks begins to override the comfort of ideological purity.

Even though I fundamentally oppose to the healthcare legislation (primarily due to the individual mandates), I think it's starting to clarify which shore of this political river is becoming the home of the wildest raving lunatics.


Icarus said...

I don't stand to close to the water with folks on my side of the river.

They keep mumbling something about whether I would float or sink.

griftdrift said...

I always fear they will roll out the ol' dunking chair.

lazermike said...

"Starting to clarify?"

griftdrift said...

Never good enough for a liberal

lazermike said...

For example, this may have been an earlier tip-off: