Friday, July 29, 2011

The Profoundly Unserioius

The Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives uses a talk radio program to vet his plan to save us from financial ruin.

The acolytes continue to spin the tale that even if the debt ceiling is not raised, we will have plenty of money to keep the "important" things solvent.

Now, today, the usual suspects are cackling all over twitter about Apple having more cash on hand than the entity that represents all 300 million of us.

Up to this point, the lunacy that infects the GOP has been inside baseball or the navel gazing of the teevee hairdos. Now, it is starting to affect the entire economy - from the cats om the "Street" to the payroll of soldiers in the field to the young couple considering buying a new house.

And the Republican intelligentsia is laughing all the way.

Outside the deafening echoes of the re-affirming radio, television, social media chambers, regular folks are starting to notice.


Ed said...

Democrats have no ability to govern, and Republicans no desire.

chamblee54 said...

When we had a tax cut ... with one war in progress, and another about to begin...that was when it quit being "inside baseball"

griftdrift said...

Sadly you're right, Chamblee54. "Sacrifice" became a hollow buzzword, instead of the reality faced by the generations that fought previous wars.

But even more sadly, the vast majority bought it. Bought the myth that somehow we could sustain the unsustainable.