Thursday, July 21, 2011

Speed At Will In Dekalb?

The quiet war between the Dekalb PD, their own command and the county commissioners is heating up again. Nothing official, but Dekalb Officers Speak is calling for another "ticket strike":
Even though we ended the ticket furlough, the commissioners followed through with their threats anyway. For ending the ticket furlough, what did we receive in return? 5 precinct reduction in promotional pay, increase in pension contribution of 66 percent, reduction in vacation time, reduction of vacation roll over to sick time, thus increasing the years of serve before retirement. And now they reduced 10-hour employees (us) holiday time. We now are only paid 8 of the 10 hours. We will be forced to take vacation or comp time to make the difference...Time to hit them where it hurts! Let the share in our misery. The only way we can fight back is through a ticket strike. They heard us loud and clear last time, time for them to hear from us again....Call it what it is, a ticket strike....and now!
Speed at your own risk. However, if you normally travel between Spaghetti Junction and I-20, that's already par for the course.


Charlie said...

Can you get the guys in East Point to go on strike in solidarity? They've been all over I-285 lately, and it's really screwing with my commute.

Juliana said...

Same thing is happening in Cobb, over this issue of furlough days and the dumbass way the commission assigned them. Instead of working with the officers on the schedule they plunked them down in middle of the week. Yeah, no one at CPD is happy.

chamblee54 said...

I was looking at my stats, and saw that someone came to visit by way of "Drifting through the grift". No way, that one is history. But, I took a look, and you are back in business. Excellent.
When you get a minute, drop by my place.