Monday, October 17, 2011

Republican Strategist: Opposing HB87 Is "Hard Left

It has always amazed me how cavalierly the Republicans in this state ignore parts of their rural base with continued preening over their pet anti-illegal immigration law, House Bill 87.

But rarely does the mask slip to show their real disdain. They are usually a bit more clever - especially those who make a living loving up that base prior to elections.

Today on Peach Pundit, Republican strategist Mark Rountree noted that the OccupyAtlanta folks were now demanding repeal of HB87 (a demand that was apparently by a splinter group and quickly denied by the Occupy folks) and that showed the group had been taken over by the "hard left".

When regular commenter pointed out that many people who don't associate with left wing politics also disagree with HB87, Rountree responded:
Yours is a hard Left demand” from political outer space
So you farmers down south of I-16, you know, all my neighbors and friends who usually pull Republican when you enter the voting booth? The ones with the crops currently rotting in the field? Remember what the suits in Atlanta consider you the next time the election season rolls around.

Nothing but a bunch of whining "hard leftists".


Mark Rountree said...


Actually ...

my quote is, "Yours is a hard Left demand” from political outer space…nothing to do whatsoever with Ending the Fed or “ending corporate greed”.

The central point being that Occupy Atlanta had 'moved on' (excuse the pun) from its initial message of "End the Fed", which many conservatives agreed with, to "We won't leave the Park unless HB 87 (which deters illegal immigration) is repealed"...which is waaayyyyy off base from the initial message of the group.

Occupy is being overtaken by the professionally angry, hysterical leftists. They will end up running the operation, and running it in the ground as they get loonier and loonier.


Mark Rountree

griftdrift said...

Yeah Mark. Except this particular response was in response to comments by myself and Trey Alverson pointing out that disagreement with HB 87 does not equate to "hard left". And the fact is if you continue to pound that talking point, eventually some of the people down south that you can count on might start to take offense.

Charlie made a similar point a few weeks ago.

Mark Rountree said...

And to continue the domino back up the stream, your comment was in response to my original point that the hard Left is driving the Occupy theater.

Unless the group puts solutions on the table, it's nothing more than a temper tantrum.

Once the group *does* put solutions on the table, the well-meaning libertarians and conservatives (who are as opposed to the stimulus programs, the corporate handouts, and the "picking winners and losers" as me) will take a walk. And they will say, gee, I was ... "used!"

The indication? Well, beyond the nutball hard left Tshirts, youtubes and press comments, today's "demands" that Georgia must overturn HB 87. Now, lets be honest my friend...this isn't a group of farmers walking off a John Mellencamp video here...this is motivated by left wing hysteria on the illegal immigration issue.

It's insight into where the core group is coming from... just like their trying to rename Woodruff Park to "Troy Davis Park"...and don't forget the demand to eliminate the Marta fare hike (replacing the funds with tax dollar subsidies).

The hard left is now running the show. The few well-meaning libertarians are just getting used, and the longer it lasts the more they will see it.

Mark Rountree said...

Copied straight from the Occupy Atlanta website:

Occupying Troy Davis Park
(formerly Woodruff Park)"

Now, how does that apply to the rallying cry of stopping "corporate personhood" again? Or "ending the Fed?" LOL!

( ...Naaahhhh... they aren't hard lefties! The takeover of a movement by the hard left...just can't happen...can it? ;) )

griftdrift said...

No Mark. Let's review the tape.

You said:

"Today the Occupy Atlanta folks at the Park said they would refuse to leave the park unless Georgia met its demands — the one specifically being named is that Georgia must abolish 2011 legislation, HB 87, which is intended to stop illegal immigrants from taking jobs — illegally."

Todd Rehm replied:

"Where do you find that they’re demanding the repeal of HB 87? They’ve issued a clarification that if a “demand” statement doesn’t appear on the website, it does not reflect the will of the group, and I don’t see anything about HB87 over there"

To which you replied:

"Todd, it was reported on either 750 or 640 today, news report (not talk show)"

I replied:

"750 reported as a segment of “self described radicals”. I got the Occupy Atlanta press release denying any demands made about 30 seconds later"

In the middle of all this, Trey Alverson, obvious radical said:

"To be fair, I am far from “hard left” and I think HB 87 is heaping pile of you-know-what… There are plenty of people on both sides of the aisle that recognize the shortsightedness of that bill (especially when everyone who voted for it knew it would head directly to the courts, costing tax-payers money while Arizona (and others) were already fighting in court)."

I seconded this feeling with the following:

"And as Alverson said, plenty of not so hard left oppose HB87. But keep pounding the talking point, Mark. It is usually an effective tactic."

To which you, Mark, replied:

"Yes, opposing the incentives draw illegal immigrants to Georgia is … pretty effective since the vast majority of Georgians agree with it.

Darn those elections. No wonder so many of you guys are calling for elections to be stopped. (such as Jesse Jackson and the North Carolina Gov Beverly Perdue)"

So, somehow mine and Trey's (and most agribusiness and the Chamber of Commerce) opposition to HB 87 leads directly to suspending elections and agreeing with Jesse Jackson?

Look, you are trying to create a narrative. That's your job. And it's fun for you and I to joust across a couple of websites.

However, the results might be different if you start trying to tell south Georgia farmers that because they oppose HB87, they are linked arm in arm with Jesse Jackson.

hmm said...

Mark i am neither a leftist nor an ows supporter but you are near risibly wrong about the OWS stuff. Ican explain if you wish.