Thursday, January 12, 2012

Down The Rabbit Hole

Did you know there is a Presidential candidate with eligibility issues? Due to questions about his citizenship? And his name is not Barack Obama?

From United Liberty (an always entertaining web site that stretches from just inside the sanity line to bull fruit looney):
Mitt Romney’s father was not a citizen, when Mitt was born. It remains questionable, if this citizen issue will be a defining factor in Mitt Romney’s plunge at the hands of South Carolina Republicans.
Birtherism is a weird sub-culture and now I discover the even weirder sub-sub-culture of Romney birtherism. If you google "Romney Citizenship Eligibility" be prepared for a journey into one of the strangest corners of the web.

Two things I love: the endless absurdity of the internet and the wonderland reality skewing adventure which is primary season in the south.

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