Thursday, August 16, 2012

Fever In Florida

Another incumbent got primaried down Florida way.

Oh, James, you say, it's all the rage! Just look at Lugar and that Texas fella! Probably just another tea party insurgent giving the well deserved swift kick to another establishment, country club attendin', pearl clutchin' Rockefeller Republican.

Well not exactly.

In this case, the incumbent was Cliff Stearns. Sure, he's been there 24 years. I guess you could call him establishment. But he's more famous for something else; holding the hearings that led to the Susan G. Komen / Planned Parenthood ugliness. He's also stirred the pot on Solyndra. Stearns congressional record reads like a segment script of the Sean Hannity show with a little Mark Levin spittle smeared around for good measure.

Didn't matter. In the pockets of deep conservatism, like you will find in the fields around Gainesville and Ocala, bonafides don't really matter any more.

There's a stark lesson there. I continue to wonder - will we ever reach the point where people will realize, it don't matter how crazy fervent you are, someone will always act crazier plunge deeper into the fever.

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