Friday, August 17, 2012

More Red And Black Background

Atlanta's Jim Walls (former employee of a 100 year old newspaper) has more details in the Red and Black controversy; including the background of the apparent center of controversy, board member Ed Stamper.
Stamper’s background might explain why he had to “guess” what journalism is. He was general manager of the Red & Black in 1979-80, then spent the better part of four years in advertising positions at The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.
I didn't mention the memo in my first post because it's origin and purpose is unclear; although the publisher has admitted it was a mistake to let students see it.

My favorite part of the memo?

– Content that catches people or organizations doing bad things
Let's start a list of "bad things" that shouldn't have been reported:  Watergate, Iran Contra, Abscam, Atlanta School Cheating scandal, Bill Campbell, etc., etc.

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