Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Another Reason We Should Love Atlanta

Ethics in government has been a hot topic in Georgia during the last two legislative sessions but a new study from Harvard may indicate we should be counting our blessings.

Felipe Campante of Harvard and Quoc-Anh Doh of Singapore posit the more isolated a state capital the greater possibility of corruption. One of the most dramatic examples they use is New York, with upstate Albany, and Massachussets, with white hot center Boston.
if we compare two Northeastern states with similar levels of GDP per capita, we see that Massachusetts, with its population quite concentrated around Boston, is measured as considerably less corrupt than New York and its isolated Albany
The researchers provide plenty of data to show their hypothesis is more causation than correlation and provides evidence of ancillary causes such as concentration of media coverage.

Next January, when once again we debate the cost of steak dinners or even trips to France, just remember it could be worse. The Gold Dome could be in McIntyre.

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