Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Deep In The Fever Swamps

Comment sections are vital to the the health of the social media landscape. If you don't agree, I have a stack of AJC back issues I'd like to sell you. They are the mulch that support and feed the surface landscape, however don't dig too deep. Otherwise, you'll just end up in the dark covered in garbage and dung.

But occasionally it is fruitful to turn the earth and see what's percolating underneath. With these cautions in mind, let's see how the commenters of Georgia's two major partisan websites handled yesterday's announcement by Michelle Nunn that she is entering the race for U.S. Senate.

The Riotgrrls at Blog For Democracy were not too happy with the roll out. I'm hard pressed to remember when they were ever happy with a candidate rollout. They are Democrats after all.
We’ve been waiting months, and if it weren’t for the intros in the articles we wouldn’t know Ms Nunn was even running as a Democrat. No mention of hoping for support from Georgia Democrats, no appreciation for President Obama’s leadership. Only a nod to the two Bush’s.
While true, Nunn's initial releases were as soft as curdled milk (even Republican site ZPolitics noted the lack of reference to Democrats), what Catherine and others are not seeing here is that Michelle Nunn is already running a general election campaign. Twelve months ahead of schedule. Instead of another Hunger Games primary, they have a candidate who can slow roll right up to the general election and appeal to the broadest part of the electorate while the Republicans spend a year trying to out crazy each other.

But as I said. Democrats. Only they can turn an advantage into a reason for full bore panic.

Over at Peach Pundit, everyone is wringing their hands over the Georgia Republican Party's initial response to  Nunn's candidacy. And not just the usual caged monkey poo flingers. From Bull Moose,
Just my opinion, but I think the GOP is making some big mistakes in it’s immediate attacks on Michelle Nunn. 
Most of the comments are about the juvenile nature of the press release and it isn't the best thing I've ever read. But I thought it was funny and a welcome break for the normal mad-lib/fill in the blank press releases.

But more importantly. It's July! 2013! Sixteen months from the election! The only people who read the thing are the people commenting on it. And unless their adderall gives out, in a day or so, they will move on to the next "outrage".

For the first time in a while, the Republicans are going to have a bloodbath while the Democrats stand on the sideline and watch. A little focus on the truly important might be useful.

Welcome to day 2 of the 2014 Georgia Senate campaign. Only 500 or so to go.


Unknown said...

Point to you, Grift. Or should I say "Hipster Icon"?

MTHEORY said...

So your point is we should stock up on adderall? Seriously I take your point about comments, but I'll put the quality of Peach Pundit commenters up against those of the AJC any day. A webpage vs the webpage of a newspaper is an apples vs orchards, but for current debate and commenter engagement, I think we do a pretty good job.

griftdrift said...

Volume leads to chaos. Peach Pundit tames the chaos better than most. Point is elections makes even seasoned hands feverish.

chamblee54 said...

"the usual caged monkey poo flingers"
That is a good line. I might use it some time.

If all you can say about the PP comments is that they are better than those at the fishwrapper...

Grayson: Atlanta, GA said...

I'm dismayed by Bull Moose's incorrect grammar/punctuation. All points removed from the board.

Juliana said...

Oh yes we are some bitter kittens, and I like the Riotgrrl tag.

So here's the thing about rollouts.. we've generally been right about them in the end.

I'm not at all convinced that voters in GA will care about her name, or No-Lables etc.

Voters are like ferrets on crystal meth one day it's Bengahzi the next the IRS, it matters not what anyone says until 2 days before the election.

SweetPea said...

The compost comment analogy is perfect really. And of course Nunn is running the general campaign now. What else would she be doing? So is your gal Handel, btw.

batazoid said...

Since I have been declared: persona non grata over at Peach Tree...allow me to announce: The Tea Party Exploratory Committee of Georgia has been created to help Tea Party candidates establish their Tea Party credentials throughout the state for the 2014 elections.

Item 1: Congressional candidates must agree not to ask for or accept any outside the state PAC funds, or political endorsements, during their primary campaigns.*

Georgia's congressional representation belongs to the good people of Georgia. It should not be sold off to Washington special interest groups and insider bigwigs to the highest bidder long before the first Georgian walks into their primary voting booth*.

ex animo
*Political endorsements or donations from Georgia citizens, businesses, labor unions and/or present and former public office holders, from within the state, do not violate Item 1.