Monday, June 02, 2008

Pascoe-Perez Joins Lanier Campaign

Recently resigned Democratic Party of Georgia Vice Chair for Constituent Services Virgilio Pascoe-Perez has joined the campaign of Senate Candidate Josh Lanier as Chairman.

The candidate responded to inquiry on the "hire" with the usual wit.

Virgilio and I started a conversation when I first formed the exploratory committee in October '07 and it continues to this day. We've become great friends and talk daily about the issues, the future of America and this campaign. I trust and respect his judgement. I asked him to be Chairman so that he'd feel obligated to keep taking my calls.

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Anonymous said...

Not to sound like the last one invited to the party, but what's the big deal with Virgilio?

Can people square their affection for the party operation and also Virgilio, seeing as how he resigned in anger at how they handled the delegate caucuses.