Monday, June 30, 2008

Strange Rumblings In Democrat Land

Unfortunately, I missed the Fox 5 Democratic Senate Debate yesterday. Spain and Germany were playing in a little game across the pond and somehow it seemed more important.

I am now very sad because Vernon Jones finally showed up to something.

You can catch a recap by checking the live blogging at Tondee's Tavern.

Gay marriage, always fun for a roll in the mud, came up and according to those who did watch, Jim Martin opposes it. Decaturguy, in comments at Blog For Democracy, asks an important question. What was the context? Having not seen it, I can't say.

But it certainly is interesting the day after this declaration, members of the local LGBT community are holding a fundraiser for Martin. Methinks Jim might have some tough questions to answer. Or is this a case of certain Democratic thought process I've noticed over the years - we don't care as long as we win except when we do care. Sometimes it is difficult to determine when a candidate gets a pass and when they don't.

In other Senate news, the Democratic candidate with seemingly the most steam is young Rand Knight. As noted here and elsewhere, he recently received endorsements from two organized labor heavyweights. According to sources, this is a pure case of "froggy went a courtin'" but considering the closeness of these allies to the DPG this has to somewhat irk the powers that be. Knight also got a mention by Martha Zoller on this week's "The Georgia Gang". She labeled him as "interesting".

Where does this all go? Nobody knows. All eyes are still on Martin and Jones, but this is a strange year, bubba. Anything might happen.

Finally, down in the house races, the state's two most prominent progressive website, Tondee's Tavern and Blog For Democracy, are in a tizzy over the Augusta Chronicle's report on current 10th District congressman Paul Broun's "sordid" (actually not that atypical) past. My first thought is, didn't we hear all this before? Except it came from Republicans in the last primary.

The bar brawler in me enjoys seeing somewhat placid Democrats pull out the brass knuckles but I do wonder if this is really a path they are ready to tread?

15 days until the primary. It's only going to get weirder, my fellow travelers.

A Couple of Updates: Jen clarifies in the comments that the gay marriage question was a simple no.

Decaturguy on his blog clarifies why he thinks this is a little more nuanced than first blush. But also points out Martin should clarify his position pretty fast.

And Jason has video of the whole thing. So you can see for yourself!


Jen said...

Here's my response to DecaturGuy from BfD re: Martin.

The question, "Do you support gay marriage? Yes or no?"

Jim Martin, Vernon Jones and Dale Cardwell stated No.

Josh Lanier and Rand Knight stated Yes, with Knight adding that he supported equality.

That was it. I believe it was the last question before closing remarks.

decaturguy said...

I have clarified my intial thoughts on my blog:

In summary, of course, it's all that fat ass Andre's fault!