Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Senate Roundup

Only three weeks until the Senate Primary. Let's see what's going on.

As you can see above, Jim Martin has his first TV ad. If you are having a strange sense of deja vu, you must have been here for the 2006 Lt. Governor's race.

Rand Knight caught another (non)union endorsement. Piled on top of the recent AFL-CIO support, Knight's gathering the GAE to the fold leaves some scratching their heads. JMac attempts to explain. However he got them, Knight's transformation from a guy who seemed to drink too many Red Bulls to legitimate contender is startling. Someone on that campaign must be doing something right.

The AJC caught up with the three amigos. That story seems awfully familiar. But I doubt the boys care as they sop up press like a field full of cotton.

Josh has not returned my call yet. He's possibly running around south Georgia gathering his collections from his "Donate To Me" coffee cans placed at various convenience stores.

I don't know how the hell to get in touch with Cardwell for comment. Hey Dale! Help a brother out! Given your previous comments on unions, I'm sure you have something to say about fellow amigo Knight's recent coups.

As far a Three Way. As noted by your humble scribe and recently by the Georgia Gang, he still has a lot of signs in south Georgia and not a lot of noise elsewhere. Probably best that way.


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Grayson: Atlanta, GA said...

Most of 'em are on Facebook. You can contact them that way. As for Vernon, who the fuck knows where he is? Who cares.