Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Words thrown either in my general direction or the direction of this Powell mess.





You know it's that last one that probably sent me over the cliff.

Katherine Harris. Election rigging. Ken Blackwell.

Just a few more things cavalierly tossed at the wall in the monkey cage.

Is it the fact that Democrats won't admit that the real reason they are happy is they get to keep a strong candidate on the ballot? Is it the fact that Democrats won't even admit the fact they pulled a judge right in their wheelhouse? Is it the incessant preening that somehow they have won a great noble victory? Is it the continued refusal to acknowledge those who disagree also concede portions of their argument? Is it all of these things and more?


What it is, is the not the first time attitude by the party of tolerance and ideas that if you are not willing to run through the brick wall with the rest of the herd then you are the enemy.

Fine. You win. I have little doubt Powell will be on the ballot. And you guys can use whatever justification you want to claim your victory.

But trust me. The next time the screen pops up the Rs and the Ds, it will be remembered.


Richard Campbell said...

I'm going to take this as further proof of my personal insult theory of history, just FYI.

griftdrift said...

What the hell does that mean?

You know why Democrats don't win hearts and minds of independents in this state?

Because their overbearing righteousness eventually just annoys the shit out of everyone.

Richard Campbell said...

You haven't heard my personal insult theory of history before?

Sara said...

Perhaps you should share it with the class.

Jen said...

"But trust me. The next time the screen pops up the Rs and the Ds, it will be remembered."

Why will it be remembered? I thought we all voted for the person, not the party.

griftdrift said...

Some of us do. That does not mean we are immune to the influence of asshattery.

Richard Campbell said...

The essential thesis is that people make history because someone else has pissed them off.

Someone said something mean about Aunt Emma at Thanksgiving? Invade Poland.

Someone can't stand an ambassador? Information never gets delivered, which causes the ambassador to lose face, etc.


1) The Trojan War. Paris runs off with your wife? Launch 1000 ships.

2) Roman Civil War (33 BC). Mark Antony divorces Octavianus's sister for Cleopatra? It's on.

3) Genghis Khan's invasion of Khwarezmia (1200s). If your ambassadors were shaved and beheaded, you should clearly burn every city in the country to the ground.

4) U.S. Invasion of Iraq (2003). "They tried to kill my daddy."

In context here...if you go into the voting booth and you think a particular candidate not wearing a D is better for an office, for the state, or for the country, then by all means, vote for them; either we've failed on persuasion or recruitment. If you go into the voting booth and vote against the candidate you objectively think is best, though...

griftdrift said...

You'd be doing just what every partisan hack does every election.

Fuck it. Burn every city.

Jen said...

"If you go into the voting booth and vote against the candidate you objectively think is best, though..."

You'd be with the PUMA brigade. Heh.

And by best, I assume we mean policy-wise.

Sara said...

The risk when a party pisses off voters isn't so much that the voter will jump ship and vote across the aisle, but that the voter will be so pissed off they swear off politics and stay home from the polls.

Something all politicians and political operatives would be wise to remember when they hear anger coming back at them from the voting populace.

Unknown said...

Don't you all think Grift should have a different photo for comments like this? He looks so happy and friendly, and then types "Fuck it. Burn every city."

Richard Campbell said...

"You'd be doing just what every partisan hack does every election."

Not really. I left enough wiggle-room in the state or country bits there to potentially override the office consideration.

Anonymous said...

This made me laugh: Who put Inech up to the residency challeng?

Someone has really gone paranoid overboard.