Saturday, August 30, 2008

Foldy Foldy Foldy

Biloxi - Day 1

Buy-in: $500
Entrants: 429
Finish: Somewhere around 120

A frustrating day and Gustav is sweating me so I'll be brief.

Typical of my early tournaments, I didn't have much success but not much failure either. I grinded for six hours always keeping my head just above water. But I didn't have my A-game and the cards didn't go my way.

At the end, I was short stacked enough where I had to play any decent hand. With 44 all my soldiers went into battle. I was called by two players. One had JJ and one had KK. Oh well.

An interesting sidenote is I experienced a new form of play - storm play. With the big G sitting somewhere around Cuba many players were walking the swords edge of a desire to do well but the need to get home and prepare. This weird combination led to unusual strategies as many couldn't figure out just the hell what to do.

Now, there are mandatory evacuations and I'll be either leaving today or in the morning - probably with no more poker played. It's too bad because I love the facility at the Beau Rivage, love the poker and am feeling it today. But when the governor says you got to go - you got to go.

See you in the flipside.

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Anonymous said...

I am just guessing you didn't take my advice to go all in with J2 unsuited?