Friday, August 22, 2008

Judge Shoob's Order

Judge Shoob's Order in the Powell Case. (Warning. PDF.)

Hand written. From the bench. Not kidding.


Jen said...

Heh. I've been known to have a judge sign a hand written order a time or two.

Sara said...

Reading the order, I think she put enough in there to create a legitimate issue for appeal. She seems to imply that the other factors beyond homestead exemption must be considered, and that is a question of statutory interpretation between the two provisions.

However, as we've talked about I think Handel won't want to invest the resources to fight this as hard as she'd need to in order to get it through the appellate court process by election day. Especially for a PSC seat.

Anonymous said...

As I said on the other post, the appeal isn't up to Handel. It's out of her hands. It's up to the AG to file the appeal